Analysis report on transformation and upgrading of China's large forging industry

Release time:2023-04-26

Another good news for Wuxi machinery and equipment industry. China Forging Talent Network has learned that the oil press with the largest tonnage in the world has been put into use recently in Jiangyin Harbor Development Zone. The 19,500-ton jumbo, manufactured independently by Jiangsu Guoguang Heavy Machinery Co., surpassed Citic Heavy Industries' previous record of 18,500 tons, Cheng Xianbiao, a researcher at the China Heavy Machinery Research Institute, who participated in the development and design, told reporters. Heavy forgings for equipment such as aircraft carrier decks, large ball valves and nuclear power facilities can all be forged in one piece by this large press.

In the manufacturing workshop of Sinolink Heavy Machine, the giant hydraulic machine is forging a 90-ton Marine rudder, its first product since it came into operation. Giant steel columns are being forged repeatedly as easily as "kneading dough". Chairman Zhang Guofang introduced that the largest workpiece the enterprise had done before is 88 tons of steel ingot forging, and the new line of the oil press's maximum forging capacity is 450 tons, the production capacity has been increased by more than 5 times, its technical level has been significantly improved, some large rotor for domestic nuclear power, hydropower, wind power equipment needed to achieve independent manufacturing, Reduce dependence on imported products and save costs.

"In addition to the largest tonnage of forging oil press in the world, the holding force and holding moment of the manipulator are the largest in the world at present, and the operation level of control is also among the top in the world." Zhang Guofang told reporters, due to crack the technical problems of large forgings manufacturing, its processing of forgings in the market can also grasp the absolute pricing power, greatly enhance the core competition of enterprises in the market. It is reported that after the operation of the hydraulic press, the new products of the large hydrogenation unit, steam turbine rotor and other pieces weighing more than 100 tons will be introduced to the market one after another.

keyword: Analysis report on transformation and upgrading of China's large forging industry