Market status and prospect analysis of domestic forging press

Release time:2023-04-26

Along with the rapid development of automobile, high-speed iron, wind power, light industry and so on, the demand and output of forging mechanism parts increase increasingly. The pressing demand for high precision forging press in forging industry brings unprecedented development opportunities for forging press. After years of technological accumulation, the domestic forging press market has formed a scientific and reasonable development strategy, improve product quality while controlling manufacturing costs, expand market publicity, the domestic forging press industry needs to seize the opportunity, from improving quality brand effect, from production to production service, development of high-end automation products of forging press, firm domestic market, and then to the international market Enter.

I. Market analysis of forging press.

(1) With the rise of forging press, cold heading materials and mould, forging is widely used in automobile, transportation, home appliance, power industry, a large number of forging equipment to produce large number of precision parts has become an inevitable development trend, and the market of forging machine is generally good.

It is expected that by the end of 2015, the total output of fastener industry will reach 7.5 million ~8 million tons. China is also a big exporter of fasteners, with about 50% of its output used for export, including the EU, the United States, Europe, etc. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the annual average export growth rate is 8%~10%, and the export of the whole industry will reach 30 billion yuan by 2015. But the export fasteners are still mainly medium and low strength fasteners with low price and few high value-added products.

With the increase of fastener production, the domestic forging press market production and sales are also growing. Domestic Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Hebei Province, Shanghai, Guangdong Province, Shandong Province is the main forging press sales market, the sales of the above regions account for about 90% of the domestic market.

(2) Domestic and foreign forging press enterprises occupy different market areas, the fastener cluster development in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other regions, prompting some private enterprises producing automatic forging press products in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, Dongguan, Guangdong province and other places to grow up like bamboo shoots, playing an increasingly important role. They rely on developed social cooperation, short delivery time, product price is very competitive advantage, a firm foothold in the low-end automatic forging press market. However, due to the weak technical strength, the product development is not sustainable, the current lack of high-end market development ability.

With the expansion of enterprise scale and capital strength of domestic users, the performance and quality of forging press products are more and more demanding, and more and more choose to order foreign high-end cold heading equipment. Foreign enterprises include Italy Sachma, Belgium Natschloff, the United States National National, Switzerland Hatber, Japan Sakamura, Japan Xu Dawei, etc., these enterprises mainly meet the domestic automobile and other key industries of complex shaped parts manufacturing demand, occupy the domestic high-end forging equipment manufacturing market.

(3) Traditional automatic forging machine product market shrinkage Automatic forging machine products are constantly updated, traditional models have gradually withdrawn from the market, such as shearing machine, plate bending machine and other equipment, market share has shrunk substantially. Domestic forging machinery industry in urgent need of transformation and upgrading, to high-end market development.

Second, market prospect analysis of forging press.

In 2009, The State Council approved 22 urban subway construction plans. By 2015, 79 rail transit lines will be built in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, with a planned total investment of 882 billion yuan. With the increasing market capacity of railway, subway, etc., the fastener market demand is accelerating. In the long run, the sustained development of national economy, the increase of per capita income, and the increase of national investment in infrastructure construction and industrial development will increase the demand for fasteners.

Generally speaking, a 10% increase in fastener production will result in a corresponding 15% increase in equipment capacity. At the same time, after many years of production and management, some fastener enterprises have realized that only by adopting high-tech equipment and improving product technology content, can they really improve their core competitiveness. Therefore, upgrading equipment has become a trend, and the market contains huge opportunities.

(2) Key service industry of forging press -- development trend of auto parts industry Development trend of forging press product production of auto parts (shaped parts), because of the requirements of high precision, high efficiency and multi-station, it belongs to the initial stage in China. With the continuous improvement of multi-station forging press technology, this low-cost, low-energy, high-efficiency equipment is more favored by auto parts manufacturers, and is also the inevitable trend of the development of auto parts.

In addition, forging press service industries such as power, bearing and other industries will grow rapidly in the future, which will drive the market demand for forging press to increase significantly

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