Safe operating rules for forging presses

Release time:2023-04-26

Forging machinery refers to the mechanical equipment used for forming and separating in forging and stamping. Forging machinery includes forging hammer, mechanical press, hydraulic press, screw press and flat forging machine for forming, as well as auxiliary machinery such as uncoiling machine, straightening machine, shearing machine and forging manipulator. The forging machine is mainly used for metal forming, so it is also called metal forming machine tool. The forging machinery is formed by exerting pressure on the metal. The force is its basic characteristic, so it is mostly heavy equipment. The equipment is equipped with safety protection devices to ensure the equipment and personal safety.

Safe operating Rules for forging press

1, check the mold should be intact without cracks, correct installation, fastening firmly.

2. Clean up the debris in the travel space of the slider and the mold space.

3. Before starting the main motor, the electromagnetic valve of the clutch should be tested first to confirm that the action of the valve and the action of the clutch and brake are accurate, sensitive and reliable before starting the main motor. The steering of the main motor must conform to the specified direction.

4. When adjusting the closing height, the lower charging device must be adjusted in strict accordance with the adjusting procedure and method stipulated in the manual, and the main motor is not allowed to be connected.

5. After the empty running test or the replacement of the mold or the speed adjustment of the closing height, the first step of the slider stroke is only allowed to use "inching". Its procedure is: start the main motor for a moment, close the main motor using flywheel inertia, "inch" slider travel. Check whether the closing height and concentricity of the mold are appropriate, and then use "inching", "one stroke", "continuous stroke" each work standard operation after confirmation.

6. When the slider is running, no head or hand is allowed to reach into the closed space of the mold, and no pliers is allowed to reach into the mold to correct or take or put the forging; The oxide skin on the mold should be cleaned frequently.

7, often pay attention to the working condition of the mold, if found loosening phenomenon immediately tighten.

8. When putting the forging blank into the mold and taking out the forging from the mold, it is forbidden to put the foot on the power pedal.

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