Hunan Province Casting and Forging Product Quality Control Center promotes the construction of "Jiangnan Casting Capital"

Release time:2023-04-26

China Forging talent Network: In Hunan Province casting and forging product quality supervision and testing center to see the staff are testing products. It is understood that since the center was put into use in 2015, a total of more than 50 enterprises for more than 600 batches of product testing.

Hunan Province Casting and Forging Product Quality Inspection Center is a public service platform for industrial development jointly built by Jiahe County Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and Jiahe County Economic Development District. The center is located in Jiahe County Jingkai District, the laboratory area of 2222 square meters, equipped with the international advanced level, the domestic industry leading casting and forging professional testing equipment and professional simulation software, Hunan Province is the only, the domestic leading comprehensive testing and service center for casting and forging products.

The quality inspection Center of casting and forging products has imported internationally leading German white light scanner, Japanese photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, and American coating thickness measuring instrument. It has also acquired Shanghai Zeicang automatic metallographic microscope, Nanjing Nuo Gold computer multi-element analyzer, Jinan Zhongzheng full set of mechanical testing equipment and Jiangsu Spector sand testing equipment, which represent the advanced level in China. Under the mechanical inspection, spectral inspection, chemical inspection, sand inspection, nondestructive inspection and other professional inspection studio. Existing staff of 13, hired 3 with advanced inspection operation certificate of analysis operators, for casting and forging enterprises to provide product mechanical properties, chemical composition, metallographic structure, internal and external defects, surface quality, low temperature pressure test and casting and forging raw and auxiliary materials organization composition, casting and forging performance of a full range of testing services, issued objective, fair, effective product quality certificate. Accurately determine product quality defect characteristics.

The casting and forging Product Research Center has imported world-class American casting simulation analysis software and advanced and rapid enterprise field testing equipment, introduced high-end intelligence combined with the practice to determine the solution or operation procedures, and provides the operation mode of new product casting and forging design, process determination, and the trial production of scientific and technological projects in colleges and universities. It strives to promote the product quality improvement, management innovation improvement and industrial upgrading of Jiahe Casting and forging enterprises, promotes the process of building Jiahe County into "Jiangnan Casting Capital" and characteristic industrial county, occupies the commanding heights of industrial development and technology, and improves the core competitiveness of county economy.

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