The 13th Shanghai International Forging & Forgings Exhibition 2017

Release time:2023-04-26

Shanghai Forging Expo 2017

The 13th Shanghai International Forging & Forgings Exhibition 2017

Date: November 20-22, 2017 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (No. 2345 Longyang Road)

Create a direct and effective trading and communication platform for forging industry!


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Shanghai Shenshi Exhibition Service Co., LTD

CSFE- An overview of the exhibition

"China (Shanghai) International Forging and Forgings Exhibition" was founded in 2005, has been successfully held 12 times, exhibits covering forgings, forging flanges, ring parts, forging materials, forging equipment and forging supporting fields, is the most professional and authoritative forging professional exhibition held in China. The scale of the exhibition is growing, and it has developed from a single on-site exhibition platform into an international stage integrating enterprise three-dimensional display and industry interaction.

The 13th China (Shanghai) International Forging & Forgings Exhibition 2017 will, with the requirement of "internationalization, specialization and high-level", invite China and the world's forging manufacturers to show new products, new technologies and new equipment, so as to help the industry leaders fully understand the latest trends of the global forging industry chain, and create a one-stop purchasing platform for the audience of products, materials and equipment!

CSFE- Last review

The 12th China (Shanghai) International Forging and Forging Exhibition was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from December 8 to 10, 2016. Although affected by the industry environment, it still gathered 312 outstanding enterprises from 20 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition, and attracted a total of 24,692 professional visitors at home and abroad in 3 days.

Some exhibitors of CSFE: Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, new metallurgical steel, northeast special steel, CHUNHO, ALD vacuum furnace, the United States should be up, Leis machine man, Jiangsu hundred association, Zhejiang Wanfeng, Anshan Sun forging, Aichi forging, Shanghai Heavy, North Heavy Industries, Ban metal technology research, Central Plains special steel, FaW Barnett, ABB, Fanak, Zhejiang Wanfeng, Shanghai Rui Chi, Tuo times, Fil Green, Nanjing treasure Yan, Jiangsu Huadong Sanhexing, Changzhou Taisheng, Wuxi Dongyuan, Shandong Huaxin, Beijing Weixin Hangda, Changzhou Melike, Hualang Sanwei, Jiangsu Bangtai, Nanfang Additive, Zhuhai Blue Sky, Suzhou Yingai, Global Furnace, Ningguo Hantai, Taicang Huarui, Fluke, Kunshan Shanxin, Liyang Jinkun, Tianjin Special Steel Precision Forging, Rizhao Zhongsheng, Shandong Enlechi, Zhejiang Shuangjie, Zhejiang Zhengchang , Zhangzhou Hengyi, Zhangjiagang Yinxing, Changzhou Kaiguo, Zhejiang Jingyong Precision forging, Danyang Saitama Aluminum Alloy, Ningbo Huachang, Hubei Jurong, Jiangxijiang Forging, Changshu Sanyi, Jiangsu Tongyu, Wuxi Hongda, Suzhou Kunlun, Jiangsu Lu Tong, Senwei Precision forging, Jinye Industry, Shanghai Yuhong, Anyang Lida, Jiashan Sanyong, Shanghai Jinxin, Jinjiang Lixin, Rui 'an Ruiyu, Yantai Jinyang, Taiwan Lixing forging press, Taiwan Gongding, Tianjin strong industry and trade and many other enterprises with tens of thousands of high-tech exhibits on site.

CSFE- Comprehensive, multi-channel audience invitation program to ensure the presence of professional buyers

1, a number of associations to organize a group visit. Automobile, machinery, pump valve, mining, electric power, shipbuilding and other industry associations in the Yangtze River Delta region are helping. In addition, professional associations from Germany, South Korea, Japan, India, the United States, Malaysia and other regions will also bring overseas buyers groups.

2, the organizer for the effect of the exhibition specially set up a call center to invite visitors, layers of screening, to ensure that the buyers are more targeted and professional. The professional overseas visitors organization team will invite high quality buyers from Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East to meet the needs of various exhibitors.

3, the use of 500,000 high-quality audience database and authoritative media industry data, mass invitation cards, fax, SMS, email to all the target audience, carpet invitation.

4. More than 50,000 invitations were delivered directly to corporate purchasing decision makers.

5, monthly electronic express delivery of the latest news, to attract buyers to the scene.

6, the industry mainstream media advertising advertorial coverage.

7. Specially invite VIP buyers who have the right to purchase in forging industry.

CSFE- Display scope

◆ Forging

Steam, motorcycle, car forging; Sewing machine forgings; Marine forgings; Diesel engine forging; Petrochemical forgings; Aircraft forgings; Bearing forgings; Nuclear power forging; (Pressure vessels, textile machinery, railway machinery, coal mining machinery, engineering machinery, mining, lifting, weapons, thermal power, power station, shaft, gear, roll, manhole cover, etc.) forgings and all kinds of flanges; Fine blanking, forging pipe valve body, etc. Medical devices; Pharmaceutical machinery; Forgings for pharmaceutical packaging machinery; All kinds of cold forging, cold extrusion parts; Hardware forgings; Light industrial machinery forgings.

Flange and ring products

All kinds of large flanges, reducing flanges, stainless steel flanges, pressure vessel flanges, wind power flanges, integral flanges, threaded flanges, flat welded flanges with neck, butt welded flange, butt welded flange with neck, socket welded flange, loose sleeve flange, lining flange cover, non-standard flange, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard and other series of standard flanges, flange covers, flange components, flange pieces, flanges Plate, flange protection cover, flange gasket; All kinds of small and medium-sized, large, standard ring, shaped ring, civil and military ring, slewing support, ring gear, rim, ring forgings, etc.

◆ Forging equipment and raw materials

Forging equipment; Die forging equipment; Free forging equipment; Forging robot; Laser cutting, extrusion, rotary forming, cutting, band saw machine, circular saw, bending and torsion forming equipment; Wedge rolling mill and ring roller; Mechanical press; Automatic forging press; Cold/warm forging press; Hydraulic press; Automatic molding equipment; Common molding equipment; Forging hammer; Forging machine; Riveting machine; Automation, consulting services, forging die manufacturing technology and equipment, forging raw materials (bar, round steel, profile, die steel, tool steel); Industrial furnace, kiln and energy-saving technology for forging production, import and export services, ISO/QS 9000 certification, mechanical maintenance and second-hand equipment, process design and CAD, CAM, forging testing equipment and instruments, forging auxiliary equipment.

CSFE- Focus on inviting audience industries

Forging, automobile, motorcycle, pump valve, petroleum, chemical machinery, mechanical processing, metallurgical equipment, ship, rail transit, aerospace, military, pharmaceutical, pressure vessel, boiler, agricultural machinery, mining, sewing machine, internal combustion engine, electric power, nuclear power, wind power, hardware and so on.

CSFE- Charge standard

Standard booth

International zone

Country zone

Advertisement (color)


USD 5300


RMB 25600 Yuan

Seal bottom

RMB 20,000 Yuan


USD 6600 yuan


RMB 34100

seal two

RMB 15000 Yuan


USD 8000 yuan


RMB 38400 yuan

Seal three

RMB 12000 Yuan

Bare booth

USD 400 Yuan / ㎡ (36㎡ from rent)

RMB 1300 Yuan / ㎡ (

Rent from

Inner page

RMB 8000 Yuan


Double-sided opening charge 10%, other ads refer to the website or telephone consultation.

Conference fee: RMB 300 Yuan/person (including one set of exhibition services, souvenirs, conference journals and visitor's business card record)

Standard booth 18㎡ configuration: two tables and four chairs, four spotlights, Chinese and English lintel, carpet, 220V socket

CSFE- Contact us

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