Karma has won an additional order for 15 all-electric gantry cranes in Greece

Release time:2023-04-26

Kalma won an additional order for 15 all-electric gantry cranes from Piraeus Container Terminal(PCT) in Greece, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cosco Pacific Co., LTD. This order has been recorded in Cargotec's third quarter order, order value of nearly 20 million euros (about 140 million yuan). Kalma had previously delivered 12 fully electric gantry cranes to PCT in 2013 and 9 fully electric gantry cranes in 2015.

The deputy general manager of PCT said, "The newly ordered gantry crane is zero-emission, stacked 9+1 wide and 6+1 high, meeting our requirements for both productivity and the latest environmental regulations. The new Kalma E-One2 zero emission gantry crane will be used at Pier III to help us increase productivity. The new gantry crane uses the latest technology to improve productivity, reliability and flexibility. Like the previous gantry cranes delivered by Kalma, the new gantry cranes will be assembled and delivered by Runbang Kaggotec Industries LTD. We are very pleased with the quality of Kalma's products and the delivery time."

"This order further strengthens the partnership between Kalma and PCT," said Kalma's Vice President of STS and RTG. The Kalma all-electric gantry crane with the Kalma SmartRail automatic gantry steering system meets the customer's requirements for safe operation, high productivity, zero emissions and low operating costs."

The Kalma E-One2 gantry crane has a lifting capacity of 41 tons. The high efficiency electric system delivers zero emissions, zero noise and zero fuel, as well as industry-leading 1000-hour maintenance intervals.

The PCT equipment fleet is equipped with Kalma all-electric gantry crane, straddle truck, frontal crane, forklift truck, empty container staller and dock tractor. The new equipment is scheduled to be delivered between 2016 and 2017.

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