Summary of crane sliding contact fault handling

Release time:2023-04-26

Troubleshooting Summary of crane sliding contact line

1. There are sparks in the guide rail of sliding contact line

Main reason: brush surface and guide rail contact is poor.

Treatment method: test guide joints and properly run in brushes to ensure 60% contact area.

2. Large shaking of sliding contact line during operation

Main reason: fork can not absorb transmission error; Linear difference of guide rail; The hanger is loose.

Treatment method: Modify the tractor so that it can freely absorb the transmission error; Adjust the straightness of the guide rail; Tighten the mounting screws.

3. Brush side abrasion

The main reason: brush wear, sliding contact line collector is not correct; The fork side force transfer of the tractor is too large.

Treatment method: replace and correct the spring pressure; Replace the traction fork or correct the traction fork.

4, sliding contact collector walking has a large abnormal noise

Main reason: the current is too large; The joint is uneven.

Treatment method: increase the number of collector; Reinstall the rail connection.

5, brush wear fast

Main reasons: uneven joints; Excessive load capacity; High spring pressure.

Treatment method: reconnect the guide rail as required; Increase the number of collector; Replace and correct spring pressure.

6, sliding contact collector shell scratches

Main reason: guide rail deformation; The collector rating is not good.

Treatment method: according to fault 2, add shaping clip; Adjust the collector.

7, sliding contact line power off

Main reason: brush climbing in the catheter; The brush is too worn to reach the conductor; Uneven conductor joints; Single collector use; The rail joint is loose.

Treatment method: Detect whether the collector wear seriously, replace the collector; Replace the brush; Readjust the connection node; Double brush collector; Adjust and tighten the connection screws.

8. Guide rail deformation, collector movement blocked

Main reason: the ambient temperature is too high; The distance between lifting racks is large or loose.

Treatment methods: the local use of heat insulation board, outdoor sun shield; Increase the number of sliding contact line hanger, correct the conduit, and tighten the screws.

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