Crane crane classification introduction

Release time:2023-04-26

Now social development is fast, especially after the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, rural construction has become the primary focus of the current problem, and this point, so that our crane has become a popular industry, today we will do a summary of the crane.

What is a crane? We are used to collectively known as the crane, in fact, it also has a name, crane crane, divided into large and small, small crane is a small crane and chassis combination of a transport vehicle. It is composed of boom, turntable, frame, leg and other parts. The mechanical action of the small crane is realized through the action of the mechanism such as amplitude variation, expansion, rotation and hoisting, and the hoisting operation is realized through the combination of different actions.

Crane is divided into mobile and fixed, mobile crane: car crane, crawler crane, line crane, etc.; Fixed type: dock crane, gantry crane, tower crane, etc. Mobile crane applied to our side is the car crane, the car crane, and self-made small crane, we will focus on the knowledge of these mobile cranes.

Based on our environment, we generally use the tonnage is 3--20 tons, some places need small body, and do not have to hang, you can choose some homemade crane, some people will question the homemade crane will not be worse than the car crane performance, although the homemade crane model is small, but its configuration is very high, direction power, infinite rotation, full hydraulic leg, The large frame can be extended back to 1 meter.

Truck crane crane is the lifting operation part installed on the chassis of general purpose or special purpose vehicle crane, and has the driving performance of truck. In order to meet the driving requirements under bad conditions, the truck crane with off-road performance is derived.

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