Crane installation "black box" smart crane a step further

Release time:2023-04-26

How to borrow wisdom, improve production efficiency and market share, is the focus of many traditional manufacturing enterprises. In the recent stage, some crane manufacturing enterprises, with the help of Internet + Internet of things technology, can know the operation status of cranes thousands of miles away at any time, diagnose hidden dangers through big data analysis in advance, remote guidance of efficient maintenance operations.

"We have a monitoring system on every crane, a built-in safety monitoring management system for equipment, kind of like the 'black box' on an airplane, which makes the crane and other equipment intelligent." This set of system can effectively collect the operation data of various parts installed on the crane, through the network transmission to the system background, can carry out a series of analytical judgment, to provide intelligent services for different users, different terminals. In addition, the monitoring platform can monitor the operation of each crane in real time, any abnormal situation can be real-time alarm, the first time to deal with, in improving safety at the same time, greatly reduce the maintenance of manpower and time costs.

The application of this system will greatly improve the market core competitiveness of crane manufacturing enterprises, but also the trend of the future development of the industry. In the next stage, the company will set up a special central control room, all the crane information installed throughout the country, all in one place, transmission, view, analysis, remote control and so on.

keyword: Crane installation "black box" smart crane a step further