Crane remote control, driving operation, ground operation three operation modes are introduced

Release time:2023-04-26

With the continuous development of enterprises, some customers on the use of cranes is no longer a single mode of operation. According to the user's own use characteristics and requirements, they gradually extend the electric operation mode of the crane to the diversified development. The following is the crane three operation mode (remote control, driving operation, ground operation) introduction.

1. Ground exercise

Ground operation using 8+1 button station (waterproof type) operation, two lifting mechanism is a single speed button, respectively control the lifting mechanism, big car mechanism is a double speed button, respectively control the fast and slow speed of the big car, and the first time to press down is slow speed control, again press down is fast control. 1 button is power control. The secondary control circuit uses the 36V safety voltage, through the 36V relay to control the 380V contactor. Ultimate control mechanism action execution.

2, remote control

Remote control using 8 button double speed button control, remote control receiver installed in the electrical control box. The remote transmitter transmits the signal, and the receiver receives the signal control mode to drive the operation of the mechanism. Because the remote control mode has the advantages of wide field of vision and convenient operation, it is favored by most users. But its shortcomings still exist, for example, the output relay of the receiver is easy to damage, there can be no shelter within the range allowed by it, the working environment to be dry, no water, dust and so on.

indicates that the conversion of the three operating modes is controlled by the conversion switch.

3. Driving exercise

The driving exercise is carried out by installing the control panel in the driver's room, and the operation button is installed on the control panel. The function of the button is the same as that of the ground. Add bells, lighting, fans, start, stop, key switch, and indicators.

There are many electrical control methods of cranes. The same type of cranes use different control methods because of different electrical configurations. The key of design is to maximize its control performance under the condition of meeting the process and technical requirements of the equipment.

keyword: Crane remote control, driving operation, ground operation three operation modes are introduced