To buy bridge crane must know the knowledge

Release time:2023-04-26

Want to buy bridge crane must know the knowledge

The characteristics of the bridge crane is to make the heavy objects hanging on the hook or other fetching devices in the space to achieve vertical lifting or horizontal migration. Bridge crane includes: lifting mechanism and large, small running mechanism. Depending on the coordination of these mechanisms, but heavy objects in a certain cube space lifting and handling. Belonging to this kind of crane are bridge crane, gantry crane, etc.

Bridge crane is composed of two parts of the bridge frame and lifting trolley, the two ends of the bridge through the running device, directly supported on the elevated track, along the track longitudinal operation; Among them, the trolley runs transverse along the trolley track on the main beam of the bridge. Bridge crane is divided into single beam bridge crane, double beam bridge crane. Single beam bridge crane is a bridge crane with a main beam. Double beam bridge crane is a bridge crane with two main beams.

Bridge crane mainly includes lifting mechanism, operating mechanism and metal structure. Lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of the crane, they are mostly composed of hanging system and car, but also the use of hydraulic system lifting heavy objects.

The operating mechanism is used to vertically migrate heavy objects or adjust the working position of the crane. It is generally composed of motors, retarders, brakes and wheels.

The metal structure is the skeleton of the crane, the main bearing parts such as bridge, boom and gantry. The metal structure of the bridge is composed of the main beam and the end beam, which is divided into two types: single main beam bridge and double main beam bridge. The main beam and the end beam are rigidly connected, and both ends of the end beam are equipped with wheels to support the bridge to run on the elevated frame. The main beam has a track for the lifting trolley to run. Door frame can be box structure or truss structure, can also be web structure, some can also use section steel as support beam.

The running mechanism of the big car is driven separately. The two driving wheels have two sets of symmetrical independent driving devices. The driving devices are mainly composed of motor, brake, reducer, wheel and other components.

The trolley frame is welded by steel plate, which is equipped with lifting mechanism and running mechanism.

The lifting mechanism of the crane is installed on the trolley. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the work, the high speed shaft of the reducer is equipped with a brake device, and the bearing seat at one end of the drum is equipped with a lifting height limit position.

The running mechanism of the car is driven by the motor reducer, the low speed shaft of the reducer is connected to the driving wheel in a centralized drive way, and the other end of the motor shaft is equipped with a brake. The driving mode of crane operation can be divided into two categories: one is centralized drive, that is, a motor drives a long drive shaft to drive the driving wheels on both sides; The other is the separate drive, that is, the driving wheel on both sides is driven by a motor.

Clear the structure and importance of the various parts of the bridge crane, in order to buy the most appropriate crane in the process of purchase.

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