Which kind of crane is suitable for workshop and production workshop

Release time:2023-04-26

Lifting machinery can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, bridge crane, arm crane and lift, etc.

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Light small lifting equipment is characterized by light, compact structure, simple action, small range of work. Light small lifting equipment generally has only one lifting mechanism, it can only be a single lifting movement of heavy objects. Belonging to this category of lifting equipment KBK crane, hand (gas, electricity) hoist, jack, winch and so on.

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The characteristics of the bridge crane is to make the heavy objects hanging on the hook or other fetching devices in the space to achieve vertical lifting or horizontal migration. Bridge crane includes: lifting mechanism and large, small running mechanism. Depending on the coordination of these mechanisms, but heavy objects in a certain cube space lifting and handling. Belonging to this kind of crane are bridge crane, gantry crane, etc.

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The characteristics of boom crane and bridge crane are basically the same.

Jib crane includes: lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, rotating mechanism. It can rely on the coordination of these mechanisms, can make the weight in a certain cylindrical space lifting and handling. Boom crane is installed on the vehicle or other forms of transport, so as to constitute the operation of boom crane. Belonging to this category are: fixed column boom crane, mobile boom crane, wall type boom crane, truck crane, tire crane, railway crane and so on.

Four, lift

The lift is characterized by heavy objects or fetching devices can only be lifted along the guide rail. Elevator only one lifting mechanism, but in the elevator, there are many other auxiliary devices, so a separate category, it includes the elevator, freight elevator, elevator, etc.

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