Sichuan crane main structure and development history

Release time:2023-04-26

Crane is in a certain range of vertical lifting and horizontal lifting heavy loads of multi-motion lifting machinery, also known as crane, crane, driving. It belongs to material handling machinery. Cranes are widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factory buildings, docks and open storage yards.

The orange used to irrigate the fields in ancient China was the prototype of the jib crane. In the 14th century, there appeared in Western Europe the rotating boom crane driven by human and animal power. In the early 19th century, the bridge crane appeared, when the important wear parts of the crane such as shaft, gear and spares began to be made of metal materials, and began to use hydraulic drive. In the late nineteenth century, steam-driven cranes gradually replaced hydraulic ones. Since the 1920s, due to the rapid development of the electrical industry and the internal combustion engine industry, the basic form of various cranes with electric motors or internal combustion engines as power devices.

Crane mainly includes lifting mechanism, operating mechanism and metal structure. Lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of the crane, they are mostly composed of hanging system and car, but also the use of hydraulic system lifting heavy objects. The operating mechanism is used to vertically migrate heavy objects or adjust the working position of the crane. It is generally composed of motors, retarders, brakes and wheels. The metal structure is the main bearing parts of the crane skeleton such as bridge, boom and gantry. Among them, the gantry can be box structure or truss structure, can also be web structure, and some can also use section steel as supporting beam.

The crane is characterized by intermittent movement. That is, in a working cycle, the corresponding mechanisms of feeding, migration, unloading and other movements are working alternately.

Crane driving mode can be divided into two categories: one is centralized driving. The other is the separate drive. In order to facilitate installation and adjustment, universal coupling is often used as driving device for common bridge crane with large weight.

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