How far is the smart crane from us

Release time:2023-04-26

"Intelligent crane", many people may feel mysterious, feel far away from themselves.

Think of "smart cranes" in the same way that we think of smart cars in the same way that we think of a new generation of cars that can drive themselves. That is just a case, just a trial, not the norm, the popularization is in the future.

In fact, car intelligence, we do not need to wait until the future, we can see a lot of car intelligence today: such as cruise control, such as lane keeping, such as distance warning, such as automatic parking, such as steep descent, such as parallel assistance, such as active braking, such as automatic parking.

And crane intelligence, there is no mystery, there are many intelligent we have been widely used today: such as automatic light load high speed, such as high precision three-dimensional positioning, such as anti-roll, such as synchronization, such as correction, such as brake fault from, such as low voltage adaptive, the previous phase of the "public number" mentioned "amplitude load control", and so on. The above intelligence, can be realized on the frequency converter, no cost, or only need very low cost.

There is also crane intelligence, which costs some, but is not that expensive. Such as tower crane group control, such as CMS (crane management system), such as the Internet of things, such as integrated signal monitor......

"Intelligent crane" and "ordinary crane" and there is no strict boundary, the crane is more intelligent, "ordinary crane" becomes "intelligent crane".

Take a little brain, make some small intelligence, perhaps can be a step forward on the road of crane intelligence, can be in the new normal of lifting machinery weak to win the opportunity to survive and development!

keyword: How far is the smart crane from us