Sichuan Crane Factory teach you how to choose gantry crane

Release time:2023-04-26

Enterprises in the selection of gantry crane, need to consider the gantry crane comprehensive, choose single main beam or double main beam, box type or truss type, whether to use electric hoist, whether need to consider the convenience of later resell, etc., these factors can be used as evaluation criteria. Choose the crane suitable for the use of the unit needs, not only can avoid the waste of cost, but also ensure the smooth completion of the work. How to choose their own crane, Sichuan crane manufacturers to provide you with some suggestions:

(1) The selection of single main beam and double beam gantry crane

Under normal circumstances, the lifting weight is below 50t, the span is within 35m, no special use requirements, should choose a single main beam gantry crane. If the width of the door leg is required to be large, the working speed is high, the working frequency is high, or the heavy and large parts are often hoisted, it is appropriate to choose the double beam gantry crane.

(2) Span and cantilever length selection

The span of gantry crane is an important factor affecting crane quality. In the selection, the span should be reduced as far as possible under the premise of meeting the service conditions of the equipment and conforming to the span series standards.

(3) can ensure that the size of the shape of the goods through the leg smoothly, can meet the stability requirements of the gantry along the direction of the crane track.

(4) Determination of gantry crane spacing size

In the work, there should be a certain space between the external size of gantry crane and the cargo and transport vehicle channel of the yard, so as to facilitate the loading and unloading operation.

The above views are provided by the Sichuan Crane factory, for reference only.

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