Cost-effective crane - rotary boom crane

Release time:2023-04-26

The rotary jib crane has the advantages of light weight, long rotary arm, large lifting weight, simple installation, operation and maintenance. Completely independent, they are an ideal fixed-post crane for indoor and outdoor yards and loading and unloading platforms. Fixed column jib crane covers a small area, in the case of very small lifting clearance can also obtain the maximum lifting height. Sichuan Leicester mechanical boom crane has many specifications and varieties. No matter what kind of requirements you have on lifting weight, rotation Angle, arm length and function, we will provide you with the best solution.

The rotating range of the fixed column boom can reach 270°, and the rotating range of the wall boom can reach 180°.

Four characteristics of rotary arm crane:

1. Efficient configuration. Modular design and structure, adjustable level device, clear, illustrated installation instructions.

2. Rich solutions. According to customers, you can customize the column or wall cantilever crane, running hoist can be moved, also optional electric hoist.

3. High quality guarantee. Comply with international design standards, select high quality materials production, professional control production of high quality crane.

4. Cost saving. This kind of boom crane adopts modular design production, not disorderly transportation of the whole set or parts, can save some costs.

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