European crane or bridge crane is better

Release time:2023-04-26

Bridge crane is widely used in all kinds of factories and mines, workshops, warehouses, according to the market demand in the continuous improvement and development, especially in recent years the rise of European crane, is by all walks of life intimacy. What are the differences between European cranes?

European crane is a high-end bridge gantry crane, there is no European crane in the concept of professional terms, it is the domestic crane users summarize the characteristics of domestic crane, combined with the advanced technology of the European crane, according to the characteristics of the use of China put forward the requirements of the bridge gantry crane, is a clear market demand, is a new definition of the high-end bridge gantry crane.

European crane concept is formed in the industry in recent years, the purpose is to distinguish from the past so-called domestic, Soviet (Soviet) type, traditional crane. Mainly includes: bridge crane, gantry crane, cantilever crane, flexible beam crane, explosion - proof crane and other industrial cranes. European crane is based on the European lightweight and modular design concept and advanced production and manufacturing process, so that the structure of the whole crane compact, stable operation, weight reduction, height reduction, energy saving and consumption reduction, greatly reduce the user of the crane running plant construction costs and crane running costs, improve the quality of the crane and operation performance. European crane will become the mainstream of crane development trend and market demand.

European crane mainly has the following six characteristics:

1. Reduce investment, make full use of plant space and improve production efficiency

2. Good combination, many specifications, complete product series, can cover most of the needs

3. Safe and reliable, advanced design concept, mature technology to ensure product design

4. Advanced control technology and high-quality key components to ensure the crane performance is excellent

5 reliable performance, low failure rate, reduce the use and later maintenance costs

6. Intelligent equipment, reserve a variety of functional interfaces to make function development easier

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