What is the European crane, what are its characteristics

Release time:2023-04-26

European crane refers to the European crane related standards, according to the Chinese crane standard design and manufacturing.

The crane is mainly composed of bridge, trolley, trolley operation, electrical part and control room (ground control without control room) and other parts. Its lifting weight of 5t, 8 t, 10 t, 12.5t, 16 t, 20 t, 25t, 32 t, 40t, 50 t, 63 t, 80 t twelve kinds. Customers need other weight can be special order. The span is 7.5m ~ 31.5m, and the operating temperature is -25 ~ +40℃. Belongs to the intermediate work system, the crane is widely used, it is not only excellent safety, ergonomic design, convenient and efficient material transportation, and its compact size structure is very conducive to saving space. Mainly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and other places, suitable for machinery manufacturing, maintenance, warehouse and other places, but not suitable for explosion and fire to do dangerous, full of corrosive gas medium and relative humidity greater than 85% of the place of work, not suitable for lifting melting metal.

1. The main beam of the metal structure is deviated box beam or steel beam, and the end beam is welded by section steel or steel plate. The end beam and the main beam are connected with a high strength bolt group.

2. The car is equipped with Leicester European electric hoist.

3. Large vehicle operation mechanism Large vehicle operation mechanism adopts separate driving form, which is divided into two schemes:

A. The motor has the characteristics of soft starting. The effect of "soft starting" can be obtained by direct power supply without connecting the starting resistance. The motor itself has a plane friction brake and the braking speed can be adjusted. There is a very obvious improvement to the impact phenomenon when the crane starts and stops. The deceleration system adopts closed hard tooth surface gear, grinding fine processing, smooth transmission, low noise, large bearing capacity, low temperature rise, long life.

B. Superior performance and better effect.

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