Fixed tower crane data review points

Release time:2023-04-26

Fixed tower crane (referred to as tower crane) is prone to major safety accident equipment, especially the collapse of the tower crane, not only may cause serious consequences of death and injury, tower crane itself is also a serious loss of value. The state is extremely strict in the safety management of tower cranes. It not only requires the safety supervision department of the Construction Commission to supervise the whole process of the installation and disassembly qualification of tower cranes and the application for inspection procedures, but also requires the supervisor to examine and sign the installation and disassembly process of tower cranes.

I. Data review

Tower crane data mainly review the general plan, specification, certificate.

1. The review of the general plan is to check the rationality of the tower crane layout. The supervisor shall require the construction unit to correctly reflect the surrounding buildings on the general plan and indicate the height, mark the position of the high-voltage line and indicate the voltage value, draw the long radius of the tower boom and indicate the safe distance from the high-voltage line. The safety distance shall meet the requirements of Technical Regulations for Safety of Construction Machinery (JGJl30-2001). If not, it is best to ask the power supply department to check and issue a written document, and take special vertical and water semi-isolation measures. The tower crane should also keep a safe distance from the surrounding buildings, and check whether there is enough space for disassembly.

In case of interference among tower cranes, the horizontal coordinates, elevation and independent height of each tower crane should be marked on the general plan for inspection and adjustment. If it is not possible to adjust the horizontal position or installation height, ground anchor and stopper can be added; If the interference is serious, the installation unit can be required to take special measures to cut off the horizontal arm and reduce the weight of the tower crane. The foundation position of the tower crane should also pay attention to not negotiating with the environmental pipe, ditch and pool, and the elevation should be lower than the thickness of the future road surface or the soil cliff of the green belt.

2. The manual should be matched with the material. The main review of the foundation diagram is whether with the manual and physical matching, the foundation diagram has no mistakes and leaks, foundation bearing capacity, foundation form and reinforcement, concrete grade, anchor bolt size and buried depth, exposed height is reasonable, there is no lightning protection grounding device. If necessary, the lifting characteristics table can be required for reference in load test.

3. The inspection certificate focuses on the delivery time and delivery number. The new tower crane should be tested for load, the tower crane that has been used for 4 years should be overhauled, and the tower crane that has been used for nearly 8 years must have the manufacturer's certificate of extension. Check whether the factory number is consistent with the material and other data.

4. Check before signing before signing should also check the foundation construction data such as foundation pit inspection records, steel implicit inspection table, concrete mix ratio, pouring license, concrete construction record, inspection form, etc. Whether the signature is complete, true and reliable and in line with the supervision procedure. Focus on checking whether the acceptance list of tower crane foundation is signed and sealed by both parties

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