Safety operating rules for chain electric hoist

Release time:2023-04-26

[Scope of Application] This regulation applies to the safe operation and maintenance of the lifting of 600-litre transshipment tank in stirring post.

【 Content 】

1. Preparation before starting up:

1.1. Operators must be trained by workshop safety personnel and qualified before being allowed to operate.

1.2. Before use, carefully check, such as, solid installation of lifting point, hook, anti-tripping piece, chain link, flashlight door, steel wire rope, steel wire rope chuck and other protective devices, etc., to prove intact before use.

Two, boot operation:

2.1. Plug in the power supply and switch on the control power.

2.2. Test run the crane before lifting heavy objects.

Iii. Operation and Precautions during equipment operation:

3.1. Lifting heavy objects shall not exceed the weight specified by the crane.

3.2. Do not stand or walk under heavy objects during operation.

3.3. Do not overload the use.

3.4. The brake belt shall not be stained with oil.

3.5. Any part of the human body shall not be placed under the lifting items without safety protection measures.

3.6. The hoisting chain should be suspended vertically, and its tilt should be kept within the range of the Angle between the chain and the plumb line no more than 10°-15°, and the double chain should not turn over and twist. When the diameter of the chain wear is reduced to 10% of the original diameter, a new chain should be replaced. When the plastic elongation of the chain reaches 5% of the original length must be replaced. The chain is seriously rusted and shall not be continued in use.

3.7. Strictly abide by the lifting safety operation rules, and it is strictly prohibited to lift inflammable and explosive goods; This machine is not suitable for carrying people or lifting splashing corrosive items.

3.8. When lifting, the lower hook shall not be in contact with the body, with no less than 50mm between them.

Four, parking operation:

4.1. After hoisting the crane, place the stirring motor part on the support frame. It is strictly prohibited to be in the hoisting state for a long time.

4.2. After parking, unplug the power plug.

Five, equipment daily maintenance:

5.1. Check regularly and find out whether there are abnormal phenomena in each part of the crane, such as: chain link welding, deformation, etc.; Report and solve anomalies in time.

Vi. Safety Precautions:

6.1. When lifting objects, no one should be around or under the objects to prevent personal injury caused by heavy objects falling off.

6.2. The machine should be properly kept, do not pile up randomly, prevent bump, damp, rust. Once a crack is found in the fuselage, it is strictly prohibited to continue using it.

6.3. The shell of the machine shall be grounded (or zero connected) reliably to prevent electric shock.

6.4. In case of abnormal sound, speed change, control failure and other abnormal phenomena during operation, the service shall be stopped immediately.

6.5. When the ambient temperature is below -10 ℃, the limit load shall not be greater than 50% of the rated load of the machine.

6.6. The power supply voltage shall not be less than 90% of the rated voltage.

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