Special application of industrial weighing technology in hoisting machinery

Release time:2023-04-26

In recent years, some foreign experts have pointed out that material handling engineering technology is one of the weakest and most urgent fields in modern industry, but it is also one of the most potential and promising fields. They have put forward the concept that material handling technology is the third source of profit. Material handling machinery usually includes lifting machinery, transportation machinery, loading and unloading machinery, storage machinery, industrial handling vehicles and hydraulic machinery a total of six categories of products. The material handling machinery habit is called lifting lifting machinery. Due to the crane has many varieties, strong function, big role and other characteristics, in the material handling machinery is in the leading position, is also the earliest application of weighing technology of material handling machinery. First, weighing technology in lifting machinery application history Lifting machinery is a kind of intermittent operation of material lifting, lowering and horizontal movement of handling equipment. In order to make the lifting machine complete the weighing of the lifting material while carrying out the operation, people have the idea and desire to assemble the weighing device on the lifting machine. The history of the application of weighing technology in hoisting machinery has been more than 200 years. A wall spring scale for weighing suspension loads dating from around 1780 is kept at the Bavarian State Department of Metroetry in Munich A fixed boom crane of 1760 with a decimal scale built in 1858. In the first half of the 19th century, crane scales became known as "Swedish ship scales". In 1932, crane scales with slings were able to achieve error within 0.2% of any load, and thus received type approval. Two, weighing technology in hoisting machinery application status With the breakthrough of digital technology, especially the progress of electronic weighing technology, it promotes the development of crane mechanization, automation, integration and intelligence. Due to the continuous expansion of industrial production scale and increasing production efficiency, large-scale, high-speed and specialized lifting machinery has the performance characteristics of automation, intelligence and information. The application of modern weighing technology has made all kinds of lifting machinery in the working environment to directly participate in the loading and unloading of materials, transportation, lifting, sorting, stacking, storage and even distribution, and sometimes can also directly measure, identify, track and manage materials and so on. At present, the weighing devices used in lifting machinery can be divided into electronic lifting scale and special weighing devices according to their functions. The electronic crane scale is widely used, and there are many related explanations, which are not elaborated here. Special weighing device mainly refers to the weight limiter which has been widely used in lifting machinery.

keyword: Special application of industrial weighing technology in hoisting machinery