How to prevent electric shock in crane hoisting operation

Release time:2023-04-26

With the development of industry, the rapid development of the crane industry, widely used in indoor, outdoor, plant, power station, warehouse, wharf and so on, across many industries. Because of this, crane safety is particularly important, especially to prevent electric shock. Although the crane has anti-electric shock safety protection device, but also due to the improper operation of the crane driver caused danger. So, what do you need to pay attention to to prevent electric shock?

1. Safety distance: when the crane is working, the minimum distance between the boom, sling, wire rope and heavy objects and the transmission line should not be less than the specified requirements (refer to the relevant construction electricity specifications). [Less than 1KV voltage, the minimum distance is 1.5m;1 ~ 35KV voltage, the minimum distance is 3m; greater than 60KV voltage, the minimum distance is calculated as [0.01(V-50)+3]m.

2. What should be done about electric shock of the crane in operation? In the process of lifting operation, in case the wire is broken or the boom touches the high voltage line, the whole machine is still in a state of equipotential (that is, no voltage difference), the current in the crane will not cause harm through the human body, the driver should first eliminate the fear, the site personnel should surround the danger zone, warn the outside personnel shall not contact the car body; After that, if the driver can remove the boom from the power source (including out of the danger zone), the hazard can be eliminated; If it is difficult to cut off the power supply and the driver cannot get off the ground easily, he should calmly close all the joysticks, and then jump from the car with his feet together (note that after jumping off, the driver's body should not touch the body), and then continue to jump out of the danger zone with his feet together or one foot (never stride). This process ensures that the body is always at the equipotential point. Therefore, the electric shock of the body is avoided. Generally jump to a few 20m away.

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