Bridge crane safety operation rules, crane operation 12

Release time:2023-04-26

1. Drivers should have professional training, be familiar with the mechanical structure and working performance, must be licensed to work.

2. Non-driver personnel shall not operate, and the driver shall not operate when he is drunk or ill.

3. When the operation starts, send a warning to remind you.

4 overhaul factory and bridge crane disassembly and reassembly, should be tested. Confirm the technical performance before use.

5. Before operation, check the safety and lubrication of the braking part and the structure part, and check whether the limiting device and the safety device are sensitive and reliable.

6. Bridge crane must have reliable grounding, electrical equipment shell should be properly connected with the body.

7. All safety protection devices and limit switches must be complete, sensitive and effective.

8. Working at night, lighting must be good.

9. Strictly implement the "ten no lifting" operation, the suspension of the bridge crane must be the hook and the luffing trolley received the specified position.

10. Bridge crane running track shall not have obstacles and local subsidence phenomenon.

11. The driver should explain the equipment condition when changing over the shift. The driver should check and test run the equipment to ensure safety before normal work.

12. After operation, each control switch board should be at zero position, cut off the power supply, and lock the gate box and operation room.

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