Points for attention in the run-in period of new starter crane

Release time:2023-04-26

The run-in of the new starter crane is an important stage to ensure the long-term safe use of the crane crane. After the run-in period, the surface of all parts of the moving parts will be fully run-in, thus extending the service life of the truck crane chassis. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of the run-in of the new car and ensure that the car is in normal working condition before run-in.

Running-in note:

1. The run-in mileage of the new car is 2000km;

2. After the first 50 km driving and each wheel replacement, the wheel nuts shall be tightened with the specified torque;

3. Check the tightening of bolts and nuts in all parts, especially the cylinder head bolts. When the car travels 300km, tighten the cylinder head nuts in the prescribed sequence while the engine is in hot condition.

4, in the run-in period within 2000km, speed limit of each gear: first gear: 5km/h; Second gear: 5km/h; Third gear: 10km/h; Fourth gear: 15km/h; Fifth gear: 25 km/h; Sixth gear: 35 km/h Seventh gear: 50km/h; Eighth gear: 60 km/h.

5, cold engine just after starting, do not accelerate immediately, only after reaching the normal use of temperature to improve the engine speed;

6, the run-in period should be driven on a flat and good road surface;

7, should be timely shift, smoothly engage the clutch, avoid sudden acceleration and emergency braking;

8, before going uphill, timely change into the low gear, do not let the engine work at a very low speed; Check and control the engine oil pressure and coolant normal temperature, often pay attention to the transmission, rear axle, hub and brake drum temperature, if there is a serious fever should find out the reason, immediately adjust or repair;

9. After running-in, comprehensive compulsory maintenance should be carried out on the truck crane chassis. Compulsory maintenance should be carried out at the maintenance station designated by the company.

keyword: Points for attention in the run-in period of new starter crane