National Bridge gantry Crane Quality Inspection Center, promote safety brake inspection and testing into the "e Era"

Release time:2023-04-26

The computer program automatically calculates the moment of inertia to be configured, and completes the configuration by moving the inertia plate on the operating platform. Start the test system in the control room. After the test is completed, the system automatically generates the test curve and test report. After 5 tests, technicians extract valid data and issue test report. On July 23, the comprehensive performance test system of crane safety brake developed by the technical team of the National Bridge gantry Crane Quality Inspection Center (hereinafter referred to as the National Center) was very impressive in the dynamic braking torque test of the hydraulic clamp disc brake of an enterprise model SB400.

Safety brake, also known as low-speed shaft protection brake, is a kind of safety device that is widely concerned at home and abroad. Its performance and reliability have a great relationship with crane operation safety, which can prevent the rear end of the transmission system transmission chain from broken shaft, coupling roller key or gear shaving failure and make objects fall. The newly revised lifting machinery standard, design specifications and safety regulations put forward specific requirements for the safety protection braking of low speed shaft.

Safety brake product testing and safety supervision is an important subject of relevant safety supervision and certification departments. For a long time, there is always a supervise and test "vacuum" for low speed and large torque safety brake in our country. Due to the lack of professional inspection and testing equipment, few professional inspection institutions have the ability of safety brake type test or inspection. "Brake test bench is a special non-standard product, there is no special manufacturer, there is no product industry standards and related design specifications, often customized according to needs. Even in foreign countries, there is no special safety brake test system." Dr. Su Wensheng, a technician at the National Center, said.

"As a national inspection institution, the National Center should take responsibility to complete the inspection and testing task of safety protection devices with high quality." Wuxi branch researcher level senior engineer, president Sun Xiaowei thinks. As early as 2011, the institute had submitted the scientific research topic of "Feasibility Study of Safety Brake Comprehensive Performance Test System" to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and approved the project to do the feasibility study on the technical principles of the safety brake test system.

"It took nearly one year and 10 months from researching the market and understanding the needs of the enterprise, to realizing the innovation of the technical principle, to developing the innovation and optimization of the program, to testing and verifying and finally developing the whole device." Dr. Su Wensheng said, "The maximum dynamic braking torque detected by the device can reach 400000N•m, which also makes the safety brake performance detection step into the" e era ", realizing the automation of safety interlocking, online detection, fault alarm, data query and output, and operation process." Safety brake comprehensive performance test device makes it possible to type test and inspection of safety brake. For various industries such as ports, mines, wind power and so on, it can meet the needs of type test, supervision and spot check and product inspection of large and super large safety brakes such as hydraulic caliper disc safety brake, electromagnetic caliper disc safety brake and pneumatic caliper disc safety brake. According to reports, the test system can simulate the braking torque is not less than 400000N•m, the diameter of the brake disc is not less than 3150mm, the moment of inertia is not less than 200000kg•m2 (high-speed shaft for 520kg•m2) safety brake working condition test.

"At present, the national center has the most complete 'braking' performance detection capability, with industrial brake test bench, safety brake static and dynamic test bench, anti-wind and anti-skid brake device test bench, brake motor test bench, brake motor dynamic torque test bench and a series of test devices. In the next step, Guoqi Center also plans to apply for a public technical service platform for brake performance testing to better serve the national brake product performance testing market." Sun Xiaowei said. China Quality News

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