Metallurgical special crane features, need to meet those requirements

Release time:2023-04-26

In order to ensure the use of metallurgical bridge crane equipment safety, according to the situation of metallurgical production and operation, metallurgical cranes need to meet the following requirements:

1, the use of metallurgical crane special motor, when the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, should choose H class insulation motor

2, equipped with two sets of independent brake (double brake).

3. Weight limiter must be installed.

4, equipped with different forms (generally used with heavy hammer and rotary) of the lifting limit position of the double limit (double limit), and should control different circuit breaker, lifting height is greater than 20m, should also be installed according to the need to drop the limit position of the limit.

5, with thyristor stator voltage regulation, eddy current brake, energy consumption brake, thyristor power supply, DC power supply speed regulation and other due to speed regulation may cause speeding lifting mechanism and 20T above used for lifting molten metal universal bridge crane must have overspeed protection.

6, lifting mechanism should have positive and negative contactor fault protection function, to prevent the motor loss of power and brake is still energized, resulting in loss of power, accidents.

7. The protection level of all electrical equipment shall meet the provisions of relevant standards.

8. Protective measures need to be taken for the electric control equipment of the crane working in high temperature environment for a long time.

9, choose wire rope suitable for high temperature occasions, and has enough safety factor.

10, have to use cast iron pulley.

11, rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 75T crane, must be selected in line with JB/7688.15-1999 "metallurgical crane technical conditions casting crane" requirements casting crane.

12. For cranes with rated lifting weight less than 75T, general purpose bridge cranes with working class A7 (including A7) or above shall be used first.

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