China crane development is rapid, there is still a certain gap in the industry

Release time:2023-04-26

Taking a comprehensive view of the 60-year history of China's tower crane industry, it has gradually formed a relatively complete system and spectrum from scratch, from small to large. Today, China has been able to produce 100 kn to 52,000 kN tower cranes, which not only meet the needs of domestic engineering construction, but also export a large number of them to the world, especially to developed countries and regions in Europe and the United States in small quantities. China has become the world's largest producer of tower cranes. In the face of rapid market changes and fierce competition challenges, in recent years, China's major tower manufacturers have increased the investment in R & D and manufacturing, technical level and advanced countries greatly narrowed the gap, but in the overall structure, performance, quality, especially in manufacturing quality and reliability there is still a certain gap.

One is uneven product quality. At present, the domestic output of tower aircraft is large, all aspects are in the benign development, with brand awareness and sales network, tower aircraft standards are also closer to international standards, and gradually improve. But product quality varies widely. Some of them are well-known enterprises with strong technical strength and guaranteed product quality. But there are also some process equipment, technical strength is poor, with low prices and informal means to enter the market, informal means to obtain manufacturing license and inspection certificate, causing a huge impact on the formal manufacturers of enterprises.

Second, the development of basic components and basic research lags behind. At present, China tower crane products compared with developed countries, there is still a gap, mainly reflected in: the reliability of domestic parts, such as electrical components, hydraulic components, transmission components to be improved; Technological equipment, experimental equipment and testing means are not complete enough; Basic research is not deep enough, such as quantitative analysis of local structure and reliability study. This affects the quality and reliability of the whole machine products, and increases the risk of accidents. In addition, the low configuration of transmission mechanism has become the bottleneck restricting the improvement of technical performance of tower crane, and the development of main engine has been seriously restricted.

Third, the product structure needs to be adjusted. In recent years, China's tower aircraft industry has developed rapidly, but most of the products are similar, and there is serious excess capacity in medium and small scale. In the 1980s, for the purpose of unified management and convenient customer choice, we came up with the model classification standard. Although the regulation is strong, it restricts the richness and technical progress of tower machine products to a great extent. And the developed market needs to develop what, as small as only 10~20kNm micro crane, as large as 100000kNm tower crane, a group of heroes competing for power, each has its own characteristics. The built tower erected in developed countries is rare in our country.

keyword: China crane development is rapid, there is still a certain gap in the industry