How to prevent the crane wheel gnawing rail, special attention to the big car brake and reducer problems

Release time:2023-04-26

The methods to prevent and improve crane wheel gnawing rail should be different for the operation mechanism of centralized drive and separate drive. Through careful inspection, careful adjustment, correct the inaccurate installation of the wheel and rail, especially pay attention to the motor, brake and speed reducer on both sides of the driving mechanism.

1. Limit the ratio of bridge span L to wheel pitch K. In the normal operation of bridge cranes, there is a certain free inclination between the wheel rim and the rail, that is, there is a certain lateral movement distance between the wheel rim and the side of the rail (generally 20 to 30mm). The greater the distance, the less likely gnawing will occur. In addition, whether the phenomenon of rail gnawing occurs is also related to the ratio of L/K. The larger the ratio, the smaller the free skew allowed, the more likely the phenomenon of rail gnawing occurs, so the smaller L/K value should be taken. Experience shows that L/K is more favorable when it is less than 5 to 6.

2. Centralized drive of the running mechanism such as the total number of wheels is 4, 2 of which are active wheels, active wheel tread can use conical tread (taper of 1:10), and the big end of the cone is installed inward, using convex top rail, crane in the process of operation after several times of swing, will automatically adjust the direction of operation, reduce the friction between the wheel and rail.

3. Centralized driving operation mechanism, both sides of the active wheel diameter is different to turn or replace.

4. The method of lubricating wheel rim and rail side can reduce the running friction resistance, so as to reduce the wear of wheel and rail.

5. Often check whether the bridge is deformed, and correct it in time to meet the technical requirements and fundamentally solve the problem of gnawing. In the inspection, if the diagonal, perpendicularity and levelness of the wheel are found out of tolerance, it should be adjusted in time.

6. For the drive mechanism driven separately, if the speed of the drive motor on both sides is inconsistent, it should be replaced with the same type of motor produced by the same manufacturer; Both sides of the brake action is not coordinated or the degree of tightness is different to adjust the brake.

7. If the transmission system clearance is large, it is necessary to overhaul or replace the coupling, gearbox and other components.

8. If there is a problem with the track, it shall be repaired and adjusted according to the technical requirements of the track installation; Debris on the track should be cleared in time.

keyword: How to prevent the crane wheel gnawing rail, special attention to the big car brake and reducer problems