Elevator "cannibalism" incident frequently, warning crane equipment safety

Release time:2023-04-26

Elevator "cannibalism" incident occurs frequently, warning Hoisting Equipment Safety

Recently, the elevator "eat people", "hang people" time frequently, again lifting equipment safety to the peak. Cranes are very widely used in today's industrial society, as long as it is manpower can not move things will use lifting machinery. Hoisting machinery includes bridge crane, gantry crane, crane, tower crane, jack, stacker, hoist, etc., widely used industries, widely used sites, and all walks of life is closely related to production and management.

Therefore, the safety performance of hoisting equipment is concerned by the industry. Crane safety includes lifting equipment itself quality safety, equipment use safety, etc. In the purchase of lifting equipment must be selected through the national quality inspection department of qualified products, whether it is new lifting equipment or second-hand lifting equipment, or after the transformation of lifting equipment, must go through strict quality inspection, can be used.

At the same time in the process of crane use, the operator must go through professional training, at the same time in strict accordance with the operation specifications of the process of lifting machinery operation, prohibited illegal operation, to avoid safety accidents. In addition, it is worth noting that the maintenance and repair of hoisting equipment is also very important. Better maintenance and repair of the crane can not only extend the service life of the crane, save the cost of use, but also find and eliminate some safety risks, reduce the incidence of safety accidents.

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