Sichuan new crane trolley, low manufacturing cost, low energy consumption

Release time:2023-04-26

The traditional crane trolley frame generally adopts the layout of statically indeterminate structure, the use of parts technology and layout lack of optimization, so that the whole machine is too large, and too heavy. The traditional crane trolley adopts the form of statically indeterminate rigid frame structure welded by two end beams, more than one beam and more than one reinforcement, and the frame needs to lay heavy steel plate. It can be seen that the traditional trolley frame structure not only has large quality, high cost, complex structure, complex welding process, rigidity and other shortcomings, and it is easy to appear three-point wheel landing, uneven distribution of wheel pressure, wheel gnawing rail phenomenon, which seriously affects the safety and life of the operation.

The new crane trolley in Sichuan adopts the I-shaped three-beam trolley frame with the statically indeterminate support of three fulcrum, and its beam is an open pulley beam. The trolley frame has sufficient stiffness in the vertical direction to reduce the vibration of lifting heavy objects. In terms of horizontal torsion, there is a certain degree of flexibility, allowing the trolley frame to withstand a certain amount of torsion deformation, to ensure that the four wheel fulcrum adapt to the deformation of the main beam.

Through the comparison of the traditional crane and the new crane, the quality of the new crane equipment in Sichuan can be reduced by 20%, and the height can also be reduced by 20%, which can greatly reduce the construction of the plant area, and see a large part of the basic cost and use costs.

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