Lightweight design and manufacture of bridge crane - lightweight bridge frame

Release time:2023-04-26

Bridge crane is widely used in metallurgy, equipment manufacturing industry, transportation and logistics industry, shipbuilding and other pillar industries of national economy, and plays an indispensable role in economic construction. As one of the main structures of the crane, the lightweight of the bridge frame is particularly important, which is a significant performance of the development of the bridge crane.

New lightweight crane bridge generally adopts the form of four-beam structure. The main beam adopts the structure of narrow flange full deflection welded box beam, and the pressure of the small wheel is directly transferred to the weld between the upper cover plate and the main web through the track.

Compared with the traditional semi-offset box girder, the thickness of the secondary web is smaller than that of the main web, and many small partitions inside the semi-offset box girder can be eliminated because of the different forces of the main and secondary web. The welding deformation and wave deformation of the upper cover plate of the main beam can be improved obviously by using this structure form, and the welding deflection deformation is small. The large tonnage deviated box beam is a wide beam, so it can be omitted, which further simplifies the manufacturing process and reduces the overall quality. Different from the traditional crane using pressure plate fixed track, lightweight crane trolley track using square steel (or flat steel) directly welded on the main beam, can make the track and box beam composition of the overall structure, common load, improve the strength and stiffness of the main beam, greatly reduce the height of the main beam and the quality of the main beam.

Through the use of four beam bridge structure, full deflection welded rail rail box girder, reasonable selection of materials, the application of advanced end beam modularization design ideas, the bridge crane can achieve the purpose of lightweight from the structural scheme.

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