Lifting equipment industry warming up is difficult, hindering factors have those

Release time:2023-04-26

The hoisting machinery industry has been in a downturn for many years. During this period, many enterprises have chosen to quit, and some enterprises are exploring new ways out. The overall performance is difficult to recover, and the difficult factors are as follows:

First, excess capacity. China's vast territory and abundant resources, coupled with the long-term maintenance equipment of hoisting equipment, too large can often be too small demand, resulting in oversupply. The most important obstacle is to "go out", with the help of overseas emerging markets to absorb excess capacity.

Second, the elimination of second-hand construction machinery. The quantity of construction machinery is increasing year by year, resulting in a large number of second-hand construction machinery to be eliminated. Only when the second-hand construction machinery is eliminated smoothly and withdrawn from the market, can the industry vacate new market space and stimulate the market vitality. In this regard, the industry is still continuing to discuss the establishment of second-hand construction machinery withdrawal mechanism.

Third, the reshuffle of hoisting machinery enterprises. Although the downturn makes it more difficult for enterprises to operate, it is also a "big reshuffle" of the current mixed industry pattern. Enterprises without strength can not pass the test and quit the industry, while enterprises with strength will turn the crisis into an opportunity for greater development.

keyword: Lifting equipment industry warming up is difficult, hindering factors have those