What is the best form to choose for the main beam of single beam crane

Release time:2023-04-26

A lot of people at the time of purchase of bridge crane are considering using the moderators beam good or other, especially for < a href = "http://www.leste.cn/products/& pmcId=26.html"> single beam bridge crane . The form of the crane main beam mainly depends on the lifting weight and span needs, at present, the single beam bridge crane mainly uses the main beam of the whole plate, and has a certain scale of crane production factory will use the whole plate main beam. What are the advantages of using the whole board main beam?

Relative to the rest of the board main beam, another approach is to use U-shaped groove butt main beam, this practice generally uses 1000mm or 1240mm long U-shaped groove to form welding into the required length, and the height of the U-shaped groove is to be verified according to the main beam span of the single beam crane, the greater the span, the higher the box. In recent years, the use of the whole plate main beam, can be understood as three complete through the whole plate plus I-steel welding, so both from the strength and appearance of the said have obvious advantages.

In the second aspect, the whole main beam is not easy to deform. The conventional "one" shaped single beam crane main beam is not horizontal, according to the relevant standards of special equipment main beam has a (1/1000 ~ 1.4/1000)S camber, the traditional practice is to use heating method to make the forming single beam crane main beam in this camber range, and the camber with the whole plate as the main beam can be preset in the CNC cutting. The camber made in this way has an obvious advantage that it is not easy to deform compared with that made by heating method. In general, the use of the full version of the main beam crane is better than the traditional main beam crane, it is more suitable for large span, high weight crane, if the weight is low and the span is not large single beam crane can choose the traditional form.

keyword: What is the best form to choose for the main beam of single beam crane