Bridge crane how maintenance, Leicester professional, fast, convenient

Release time:2023-04-26

Bridge crane is by far the most widely used, the largest number of applications of a crane, widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, workshops, wharfs and open storage yard. Special mechanical equipment service life, first depends on the quality of the equipment itself, followed by maintenance is done, can be divided into daily maintenance, monthly maintenance, annual maintenance, etc. Specific maintenance can refer to the following ways:

1), bridge crane appearance maintenance: clean the appearance of dust, check whether there is crack, welding.

2), big car maintenance: check the drive shaft seat, gear box, coupling and shaft, key is loose, such as loose fastening; Check and adjust brake wheel clearance to make it even, sensitive and reliable.

3), reducer maintenance mainly depends on whether the oil leakage.

4), lifting and winding maintenance: (1) Check whether the wire rope, hook, pulley is safe and reliable, wear exceeds the specified value should be replaced. Check and adjust the brake to make it safe, sensitive and reliable.

5), wire rope inspection and maintenance: focus on observing broken wire, wear, kinks, rust and other conditions, for some wear, broken wire is more serious but not exceed the standard position, to make marks, so as to focus on tracking reinspection.

6) Lubrication maintenance: check the oil quality and oil quantity of all parts, and add or replace lubricating oil as required.

7), < a href = " pmcId=26.html"> Bridge crane pulley maintenance : focus on whether the groove bottom wear exceeds the standard and whether there is crack cast iron pulley.

8), electrical maintenance: check whether the limit switch is sensitive and reliable; Check whether the electric appliances in the electrical box are sensitive and reliable; Check whether the motor, bell and wire are safe and reliable; Check whether the signal light is good.

9) Check whether the coupling of the bridge crane is loose or even "rolling key". Emphatically check whether the elastic rubber ring of the elastic pin coupling has abnormal wear, and pay special attention to the gear ring wear of the tooth type coupling.

For the bridge crane, the daily maintenance is particularly important, in addition to effectively improve the service life, more can be found from the details and solve the safety risks, prevent safety accidents.

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