Crane knowledge (three)

Release time:2023-04-26

5. Attention Items of Old plant Reconstruction:

Limit size, wheel pressure, working level, lifting and running speed, lifting height, etc.

VI. Data that the design Institute needs to know;

1. Installation size of crane track. 2, crane power supply slide wire installation size.

3. Distribution diagram of crane wheel pressure. 4. Crane weight.

5. Weight of car. 6. Collision load of crane.

7. Limit size of hook. 8, crane boundary size, overall size.

9. Total power of crane, motor type and power of crane mechanism.

Seven, the opening direction of the driver's cab;

A1: Open the door at the left end. A2: Open the door on the left. A3: Open the door on the right. A4: Door open on the right.

The door of the driver's cab is easy to be made with a walkway, the door should be made to open outwardly, and the interlocking protection device should be located on the walkway door; When there is no platform outside the driver's cab, the door should be made to open inward, and the interlocking device should be located on the access to the driver's cab. The door of the driver's cab with or without the platform can be used mobile door.

Eight, there are several special cranes:

1, what is the insulation crane; How to insulate?

When the insulation crane is mainly used in non-ferrous metal electrolytic aluminum, magnesium, lead, zinc and other metallurgical workshop environment work, its hook or other lifting gear and the crane insulation connection between the truck. Cranes should usually be provided with three insulation; Hook and pulley, lifting mechanism and trolley frame, small car and big car. Its insulation principle is based on three connections in the selection of electrical equipment with thermosetting resin industrial hard round laminated tube and rod insulation materials, period connection can be insulated.

2, what is explosion-proof crane; Level division.

Explosion-proof crane is suitable for working in explosive gas environment and other explosive media environment of the crane. Explosion-proof crane according to electrical equipment suitable for explosive gas mixture maximum test safety gap or minimum ignition current score is: A\B\C level, and according to the explosion-proof form has the following: flameproof type, increased safety type, etc.

Explosion-proof classification:

Explosion-proof mark

Temperature group






Propane, ethane, carbon monoxide, acetone, acetic acid, ammonia, etc.

Ethanol, butane, ethylene ethyl acetate, dichloroethane, vinyl chloride, ethyl chloroalcohol, dimethylamine, etc.

turpentine, naphtha, petroleum, (including automobile, fuel oil, etc.).

acetic acid, trimethylamine, etc.


Propyl, propyl rare gas, etc.

ethylene, epoxy-ethylene propylene cyclomethyl ester, furan, etc.

dimethyl ether, vinyl acid hydrogen sulfide, etc.

Ethyl methyl ether, diethyl ether, dibutyl ether, tetrachloroethylene, etc.


Hydrogen and water gas.


IIC grade acetylene should be indicated in the order contract.

3. Anti-corrosion crane, metallurgical crane, special crane for hydropower station and their characteristics:

* Anti-corrosion crane is suitable for working in corrosive gas environment and other corrosive media environment of the crane.

Its main characteristic is that the metal mechanism and the mechanism are coated with anti-corrosion paint or in other ways can make the metal structural parts and corrosive gas or liquid separation to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion.

* Metallurgical crane is suitable for metal smelting and other hot processing special requirements of the crane, including open furnace charging bridge crane, crane, mold crane, uncovering crane, casting crane, quenching crane.

Its main characteristic is that it is specialized in the whole metal smelting process work, its working level is generally higher up to A7~A8, in addition to the working environment for high dust, high temperature, require a temperature isolation device.

* The special crane of hydropower station refers to two kinds: one is the bridge crane of the workshop. The second is the dam top door machine and tail water door machine.

Workshop bridge crane: Due to the different speed of the generator prime mover, the bridge tonnage of the hydropower unit is larger than that of the thermal power unit. Its working characteristics: the bridge with the largest tonnage is only installed once, and the maximum weight is used in turn for maintenance in the following 10 years. Other normal work is to lift small objects, and it is not commonly used.

Dam gate crane: Due to the different structure of the dam, the taxi track of the gate crane has straight lines and arcs. The lifting height is required to be displayed, and the general error is not more than 3mm. At the same time considering the maintenance of the road block grid, the upstream side leg is equipped with a rotary hoist or the side of the end beam is equipped with a double electric hoist.

Nine: How to pass the rail crane:

Rail overhead crane rail overhead is mainly achieved by rail overhead docking device. The rail crossing docking device is composed of electric push rod, baffle, buffer, etc. The baffle and the buffer are in the vertical position when the rail is not passed. When the rail is passed, the electric push rod in the rail device starts to act, so that the electric push rod reaches forward. It is connected with the positioning fork so that the two cranes can be firmly together. At the same time, also make the baffle and buffer to level, so that the electric hoist can pass. The purpose of the orbit has been achieved.

Ten, grab crane working principle:

The sling of this crane is an ordinary grab that can grab loose objects. Four steel cables are respectively suspended on the opening and closing mechanism and the open grab bucket on its upgrade hook to fall on the material, first make the opening and closing mechanism work, in the closing process, the material and is caught in the bucket. After the opening bucket is closed, immediately start the lifting mechanism, so that the four steel cables are loaded at the same time, lifting work, unloading, only start the opening and closing mechanism, the mouth of the bucket immediately opened, the material is unloaded. Grab can also be its own motor grab, this kind of grab has its own opening and closing mechanism, just with the hook to complete the lifting work. Can realize the work of ordinary grab crane.

Eleven, ordering points for attention:

1. Model name. 2. Job level. 3. Speed of each institution.

4. Altitude. 5. Effective length of cantilever. 6. Lift the weight.

7. Manipulative form. 8. Single and double braking. 9. Use occasion.

10. Crane color. 11. Span. 12, speed regulation mode.

13. Ambient temperature. 14. Humidity. 15, crane power supply mode.

16, lifting height (above and below rail)17, driver's cab form and opening direction.

18. Manufacturer's requirements for main parts. 19. Crane track model.

Any other special questions need to be raised separately. Such as: trolley conduction mode, etc.

12. Working characteristics of unloading bridge :

* The span is large, generally the span is greater than 40m. The span is generally 40m\50m\60m.

* The structure of the unloading bridge adopts one rigid and one flexible leg.

* The main girder of a unloading bridge can be divided into box type and truss type.

* Working characteristics of unloading bridge: high lifting speed, generally 50m/mi

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