Classification of cranes

Release time:2023-04-26

How is lifting machinery classified?

Lifting and transportation machinery is machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, forestry and other enterprises, as well as in human life, production activities in the intermittent, repetitive way of work, through the hook or other lifting gear lifting, handling materials a kind of special machinery equipment with large risk factors. Crane transportation in various forms, various kinds, according to its structure and use can be divided into hoisting equipment (simple lifting machinery) and crane two categories.

Hoisting equipment has the following categories:

1, jack, divided into rack jack machine, screw jack, hydraulic jack and pneumatic jack, etc.

2, hoist, divided into manual hoist, electric hoist and pneumatic hoist, etc.

3, winch, divided into manual winch, electric winch, etc.

4, elevator, divided into elevator, goods elevator and construction elevator.

5. Braking rod, divided into one-legged braking rod and longmen braking rod.

Crane can be divided into two categories according to the structure of the product, the use and the custom of domestic production management.

1. Bridge type, divided into bridge crane, gantry crane, unloading bridge, cable crane and bridge cable crane.

2, rotary type, divided into tower crane, gantry crane, float crane, mast crane and self-propelled crane.

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