Code for Crane operators

Release time:2023-04-26

1. Responsible for crane daily maintenance management, mastering crane production dynamics and ensuring normal production.

2, strictly implement the safety operation procedures, do the lifting driver "ten no hanging", that is, "bundles are not tight no hanging, no conductor no hanging, heavy not clear no hanging, see not clear no hanging, edges and corners are not added lining no hanging, around people do not hang, equipment defects do not hang, lighting is not enough, command is not clear no hanging, balance is not good".

3. Responsible for mastering the operation technology of all kinds of lifting equipment, basic knowledge of electricity consumption, correct operation, safe use of electricity and safe operation.

4. Responsible for the management of equipment, tools and various facilities, timely inspection and maintenance of equipment, to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.

5. Strictly abide by the "Coal mine Safety Regulations", post safety operation regulations and relevant rules and regulations, timely deal with all kinds of emergencies according to the emergency plan.

6, actively participate in theoretical learning and skill training, improve the comprehensive quality.

7. The driver of the gantry crane is not allowed to drink alcohol on duty, and is not allowed to carry mobile phones and other communication tools. The spirit must be concentrated.

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