Basic knowledge of lifting machinery

Release time:2023-04-26

1. Lifting machinery Lifting machinery refers to the mechanical and electrical equipment used for lifting vertically or lifting vertically and moving heavy objects horizontally.

2. Working Characteristics of Hoisting machinery

(1) hoisting machinery usually has a huge structure and more complex rhyme mechanism, the operation process is often several different directions of the movement at the same time operation; The operation technology is more difficult.

(2) There are many kinds of heavy objects that can be lifted, and the loads vary. Some heavy objects weigh hundreds of tons, large and irregular volume, and loose particles, hot melt and inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, making the lifting process complicated and dangerous.

(3) need to operate in a large range, the activity space is large, once the accident caused, the impact area is also large.

(4) Some lifting machinery needs to directly carry personnel to do lifting movement, its reliability directly affects personal safety.

(5) There are many exposed and active parts, and they are often in direct contact with crane operators (such as hook, wire rope, etc.), which may cause many accidental risk factors.

(6) Complex operating environment, such as enterprises, ports, construction sites and other places, involving high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive environmental risk factors, posing a threat to equipment and operators.

(7) It is often necessary to cooperate with many people to complete an operation.

3. Classification of Hoisting Machinery

(1) Light small lifting equipment.

(2) Elevator.

(3) Crane.

1) bridge type crane.

2) Boom type crane.

4. Conditions for the safe and normal operation of lifting machinery

(1) Metal structures and mechanical parts shall have sufficient strength, rigidity and resistance to buckling.

(2) The whole machine must have the necessary anti-overturning stability.

(3) The prime mover has the power to meet the operating performance requirements, and the braking device provides the necessary braking torque

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