Digital intelligent crane control system technology achievements exhibition held in Zhengzhou

Release time:2023-04-26

On December 26, a large scale digital intelligent crane control system technology exhibition, held in Zhengzhou.

Hundreds of people attended the conference from the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Hoisting Machinery, the National Special Inspection Institute, as well as national well-known experts, professors from universities, crane manufacturers, large industrial and mining enterprises in charge.

The digital intelligent crane control system, a national patented technology developed by Zhengzhou Ocean Technology Industry Co., LTD., was displayed on site. Based on embedded system, wireless communication and other technologies, the system realized remote start, stop control/safety monitoring, accurate positioning, intelligent anti-swing and fault diagnosis functions. It has the characteristics of small size, small cost, long life, convenient installation and maintenance, and realizes the integration, digitalization, modularization, lightweight, energy saving and high efficiency, green environmental protection.

Relevant experts believe that the successful development and industrial application of the system will help improve the competitiveness of our lifting industry in the international market.

Zhengzhou Ocean Technology Industrial Co., LTD., founded in 1996, mainly engaged in the production and sales of electronic and electrical products, the current research, production and sales of patented products - digital intelligent crane control system.

This system to meet the market demand, for the national energy conservation and emission reduction, convenient user use and maintenance and research and development, is the leading technology in the industry, filled the domestic blank, obtained the national quality standards, at the same time in the provincial Bureau of Technical supervision approved for the record. Once this product is on the market, it is expected to drive a wave of crane electrical industry innovation and reform.

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