Actively prepare for the 6th Hoisting Machinery and Accessories Exhibition 2013 (Shanghai)

Release time:2023-04-26

Exhibition Time: 2013.6.25 to 2013.6.27

Address: No. 1099, Guozhan Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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Exhibition Industry: Hoisting Equipment/Gantry Hoisting

Exhibition scope: Crane for all kinds of purposes, gantry crane, bridge crane, single and double beam crane, jib crane, grab crane, explosion-proof crane, light crane, hydraulic crane, balancing crane, lifting machine, hoist, etc. Port machinery port crane, loading machine, ship unloader, port tire crane, floating crane, gantry crane, port loading and unloading equipment, container front crane and other equipment engineering crane truck crane, tower crane, crawler crane, elevator, hydraulic lifting platform, high altitude working platform, etc. Crane room, crane motor, crane hook weight, crane switch, linkage console, frequency control system, crane safety device, control system, high temperature air conditioning, brake, buffer, limiter, crane cable, crane remote control, electric drum, power distribution device, all kinds of crane parts and accessories Lifting tool electric hoist, chain hoist, explosion-proof hoist, pneumatic hoist, hand hoist, belt hoist, lifting electromagnet, permanent magnet hoist, magnetic hoist, lifting wire rope, lifting chain, sliding contact line, lifting pulley, tackle, hoist, sling, lifting hardware, lifting grab, heavy shackle, lifting hook, sling, ring chain, vacuum sucker, clamp, lifting equipment Spare, all kinds of jack, etc.;

Sponsor: China Machinery Industry Association/China Heavy Machinery Industry Association

Organizer: Beijing Wuzhou Excellence International Exhibition Co., LTD.

Co-organizer: Beijing Lifting and Transporting Machinery Design & Research Institute/National Lifting and Transporting Machinery Quality Inspection Center

keyword: Actively prepare for the 6th Hoisting Machinery and Accessories Exhibition 2013 (Shanghai)