Key points of special equipment safety supervision in 2009

Release time:2023-04-26

China Quality News Network news 2009 special equipment safety supervision work general requirements are: We vigorously carried out the "Year of Quality and Safety" campaign, strengthened safety supervision of special equipment, promoted energy-saving supervision of energy-intensive special equipment, further reformed and improved the system and mechanism for safety supervision of special equipment, fulfilled the safety control targets for special equipment issued by The State Council Safety Commission, and achieved energy-saving targets for special equipment with high energy consumption. It will contribute to steady and rapid economic development, safe and economical development.

I. Thoroughly implement the Scientific Outlook on Development and further innovate the system and mechanism of Special equipment safety supervision

1. Deepen the reform of administrative licensing. To implement the newly revised Regulations on the delegation of administrative licenses in the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, adjust the scope of special equipment manufacturing licenses, further reduce the number of manufacturing licenses by reducing or merging licensed items and covering the scope from top to bottom, and speed up the delegation of special equipment production licenses to the State Administration of China. Post-certification supervision has been strengthened, with the State Administration conducting random inspections of 200 licensed-certified units and local authorities conducting random inspections of 15-25% of licensed-certified units within their respective administrative areas. Strengthen the supervision and management of appraisal and evaluation institutions, further study and formulate targeted supervision and management measures, improve the appraisal and registration system of special equipment appraisal and evaluation personnel.

2. Explore the reform of inspection work. We will continue to promote the joint reorganization and large-scale development of inspection institutions, optimize the allocation of inspection resources, ensure inspection coverage, strengthen supervision over the quality of inspection work and the uploading and updating of inspection data, implement the timely reporting system for major inspection problems, and enhance the sense of responsibility and service. For the inspection and testing work of pressure pipelines, the role of various inspection institutions should be fully brought into play, and the pilot project of inspection and testing conducted by approved inspection institutions independently selected by users should be explored in certain fields and regions. To study and formulate the statutory inspection work quota, according to the work quota to assess the quality of inspection institutions. We will explore the reform of inspection billing methods.

3. Promote classified supervision. To organize and carry out special research on classified supervision of special equipment, and put forward implementation plans for classified supervision of pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, elevators, hoisting machinery and other equipment based on risk management. In accordance with the requirements of the State Administration to establish a unified quality and safety risk monitoring mechanism, the special equipment quality and safety risk monitoring research and sentencing work has been started. Promote the formulation of risk-based inspection (RBI) standards, and accelerate the popularization and application of RBI technology in pressure equipment in large petrochemical plants and other fields. For special mechanical and electrical equipment such as passenger ropeway, the monitoring and prevention pilot with failure rate as the control target has been carried out. Research and explore the reform of power plant boiler design document appraisal.

4. Promote scientific and technological innovation. We should give full play to the leading role of China Special Procuratorate in scientific research, build a large scientific and technological platform, unify planning, jointly tackle key problems, and improve the scientific research capability of inspection institutions. We will explore the establishment of various research bases for inspection technology, encourage local inspection institutions to enhance their enthusiasm and creativity in research, and form a strong support for large science and technology platforms. To guide the China Association of Special Prosecutors in holding seminars for scientific research executives of local inspection institutions, clarify the direction of scientific research, raise the level of research application, and implement multi-tiered and multi-faceted measures to encourage scientific and technological innovation.

5. Strengthen research on medium - and long-term strategic planning. To organize and carry out research on medium - and long-term development strategy of special equipment safety supervision, and put forward phased work objectives, tasks and safeguard measures by 2010 and 2015. We will establish a research mechanism for strategic planning and form a working system that is revised and improved year by year.

Ii. Focusing on the special renovation of special equipment, we will do well in the "Year of Quality and Safety" activities.

6. Carry out special rectification of lifting machinery and pressure pipeline components. In 2008, on the basis of the special equipment hidden trouble investigation and treatment work, strictly supervise the enterprise rectification of the remaining accident hidden trouble; Focus on strengthening the improvement of lifting machinery used in infrastructure construction sites, strengthen cooperation with departments and units such as safety supervision, transportation, railway, water conservancy and electric power, and effectively implement the main responsibility of safety management of project construction units and project construction units. Carry out investigation of pressure pipeline component manufacturers, focusing on investigating and controlling unlicensed manufacturing activities; Implement classification guidance and supervision, strict access conditions for the manufacture of pressure pipeline components, accelerate the conversion of licenses, and carry out post-license supervision and random inspection; Promote the supervision and inspection of pressure pipeline components; Strengthen the safety supervision of pressure pipeline components in new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects.

7. Further standardize the assessment management of operators. We will launch a national unified compilation of special equipment training materials and standardize the training and assessment of operators. Deploy and promote the simulation work of machine test and practical operation test for operators, carry out the practical operation simulation test for boiler operators within the year, and study and explore the practical operation simulation test for operators of lifting machinery and motor vehicles in the plant, so as to effectively improve the practical ability of operators. We revised the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Operators of Special Equipment, put forward standards for the construction of operators' examination institutions, and extended the period for the review of operators' certificates. Establish a national online inquiry platform for special equipment operators.

8. Strengthen special equipment safety supervision and law enforcement. To strengthen on-site safety supervision and inspection work, carry out the promotion of the experience of the pilot field safety supervision and inspection of Special equipment, revise the Rules for On-site Safety Supervision and Inspection of Special Equipment (for Trial Implementation), and further standardize the supervision behavior and implement the supervision responsibility. In accordance with the newly revised Regulations on the Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, further improve the coordination and cooperation working mechanism between the safety supervision institutions of quality supervision departments and law enforcement inspection institutions, and severely crack down on illegal, illegal production and use of special equipment such as manufacturing without licenses and working without licenses.

9. Carry out special equipment publicity and education activities. Combined with the promulgation and implementation of the newly revised Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, the media such as television, radio, newspaper and website are used to publicize the knowledge of safety and energy saving of special equipment, vigorously publicize the work of quality inspection department, emerging advanced deeds and advanced enterprises in the "Year of Quality and Safety" activity, and resolutely expose major illegal behaviors and major accident risks of special equipment. Further improve the legal awareness of safety and energy saving of special equipment in the whole society. Actively participate in the "3.15" publicity activities. Cooperation with the education department, continue to do a good job "61" children's Day "for the children's safety and happiness, for tomorrow" special equipment safety theme publicity activities, gradually will be special equipment safety knowledge into the school safety education curriculum. Actively participate in the publicity activities of "Safe Production Month".

10. Accelerate the establishment of a safety and credit system for special equipment. Cooperate with relevant departments to put forward the special equipment integrity system construction program, start the special equipment production units, users, inspection and testing institutions, appraisal and evaluation institutions and their personnel integrity standards and integrity grade evaluation index research. A blacklist system for special equipment production and use units and inspection and testing institutions has been launched and gradually established. We will explore ways to promote credit reward and punishment mechanisms linked to bank credit, tax incentives and various administrative permits, and effectively improve the quality and safety of special equipment.

3. Focusing on "Maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand and adjusting economic structure", serving the overall situation of economic and social development

11. Carry out energy conservation supervision of special equipment with high energy consumption. We fully implemented the Energy Conservation Law and the newly revised Regulations on the Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, accelerated the development of regulations and standards for energy conservation of Special Equipment with High Energy consumption, put forward a framework of regulations and standards for energy conservation of Special Equipment with High Energy Consumption, and promulgated and implemented the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Energy Conservation of Special Equipment with High Energy Consumption. We have formulated and improved energy efficiency standards and standards for energy efficiency testing methods for boilers, heat exchange pressure vessels, elevators and other products, and revised relevant technical specifications. The energy conservation review of boiler design documents and energy efficiency testing of new products and in-use equipment will be carried out step by step. A number of energy efficiency testing institutions will be published, and a list of energy-saving products and obsolete products of special equipment will be published jointly with relevant departments. To carry out the "Four Five" energy conservation projects focusing on the use of boilers, namely organizing activities to meet the standards of energy conservation management of 50,000 boiler rooms, water treatment standards of more than 50% of industrial boilers (more than 4 tons), energy conservation knowledge training of 5,000 energy conservation supervision and energy efficiency testing personnel, and promotion and application of more than five new energy conservation technologies.

12. To serve national key projects. Continue to do a good job in the safety supervision of the east-Sichuan gas transmission and west-east gas transmission pipelines, and coordinate the effective implementation of installation, supervision and inspection. Take the initiative to serve railway, highway, energy and other construction projects, and do a good job in ensuring the use of special equipment registration, statutory inspection, operator assessment, on-site safety supervision and other safety work.

13. To serve the development of special equipment and equipment manufacturing industry. We will strengthen support for regulations and standards, and promote the recognition and adoption of Chinese special equipment-related product standards in Asia, Africa and other regions. To carry out technical barrier damage investigation of special equipment export enterprises, timely inform relevant countries and WTO, and promote coordinated solutions. We will strengthen research on the special equipment manufacturing industry, understand the needs of enterprises, accelerate the formulation of policies and measures to enhance the independent innovation capacity of enterprises, adjust the product mix, extend the industrial chain and improve the management level, promote the independence of complete sets of equipment such as oil refining, ethylene, coal chemical industry, natural gas storage and transportation, as well as large air separation equipment and petrochemical equipment, and guide enterprises to develop toward specialization and scale.

14. Intensify efforts to serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Guide enterprises to develop and produce special equipment products that adapt to the characteristics of agriculture and rural areas. Illegal practices such as selling discarded gas cylinders to rural areas after repair and renovation will be severely cracked down on. By adjusting the administrative license conditions and other policy measures to promote the special equipment enterprises to rural transfer. We introduced preferential measures such as reduced and reduced assessment fees, and strengthened the training and assessment of rural migrant workers.

Iv. Continue to promote the construction of five work systems for special equipment and further strengthen the work foundation

15. Accelerating the construction of a system of regulations and standards. We will work with the National People's Congress to start legislation on the Special Equipment Safety Law, and complete the draft within this year. To draft regulations on accident investigation and handling, energy conservation supervision, pressure pipeline safety supervision, safety supervision of special motor vehicles in the site (plant), supervision and management of Special Equipment use in accordance with the newly revised Regulations on Special Equipment Safety Supervision, and supplement and revise the Catalogue of Special Equipment. We will improve safety technical norms, focus on adjusting safety technical supervision regulations and administrative licensing conditions, transform relevant normative documents, and carry out pilot projects for post-evaluation of safety technical norms.

16. Accelerating the development of a safety responsibility system. Promote the formulation of special equipment safety responsibility system construction documents, highlighting the improvement of the implementation of corporate main responsibility policies and measures, and strive to include the safety of special equipment into the government target assessment, the implementation of major hidden dangers of the government listed supervision, further clarify the safety supervision, inspection responsibility. Activities such as safety management evaluation of key monitoring units of special equipment and safety management standards of units using special equipment were explored to promote the overall improvement of safety management level of units using special equipment. We will strengthen economic supervision measures, establish a reward system for special equipment safety supervision and reporting, and promote the trial of special equipment safety liability insurance. Correctly define the responsibilities of safety supervision and inspection, and speed up the clearing of relevant responsibility provisions in normative documents, safety technical specifications and rules.

17. Accelerating the development of a dynamic regulatory system. In accordance with the unified deployment of the State Administration of China, it promotes the application of the administrative license and business system for special equipment of the "Golden Project" (Phase I), and promotes the interconnection of supervisory and inspection software data among different regions. It formulated the Special Equipment Information Management Rules, and promulgated the supervision and inspection data standards. We will continue to conduct quantitative assessment of the construction of a dynamic monitoring system for special equipment, and promote the information-based dynamic monitoring of vehicle gas cylinders and hazardous chemical gas cylinders with electronic labels. On the basis of extending pilot work of dynamic supervision of mobile pressure vessel to manufacturing link, the experience is summarized and the scope of pilot dynamic supervision of manufacturing link is further expanded.

18. Accelerate the building of an emergency response system. Do a good job in accident investigation and handling according to the provisions on prevention, investigation and handling of accidents of Special equipment in the newly revised Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment. China has formulated guidelines for accident investigation and handling, organized and established a team of accident investigation experts, compiled training materials for emergency response and accident investigation and handling, and conducted training for accident investigators of quality supervision departments at the grass-roots level, so as to improve the capacity of accident investigation and handling. We will strengthen the construction of the special equipment emergency command platform of the General Administration, and guide local authorities in establishing emergency response command organs. Strengthen cooperation with public security fire and other professional rescue forces, give full play to their role as the main rescue force. In light of experiences and lessons learned from snow and ice disasters and earthquakes, China has improved emergency plans for special equipment and conducted targeted emergency response exercises.

19. Speed up the construction of a safety evaluation system. To promote the application of safety supervision performance evaluation results, provinces on the basis of pilot to expand the scope of the pilot, further standardize safety supervision work behavior, improve work efficiency. Combined with the reform of inspection work, explore the performance evaluation methods of inspection institutions. Pilot work on hazard assessment and classification of special equipment was carried out in the eastern, central and western regions.

V. Other work

20. Actively carry out international cooperation and exchanges. We will deepen the exchange of experience in safety supervision of special equipment with developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan, and actively explore cooperation and exchanges with Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America, so as to create favorable conditions for the export of special equipment products and technical services for inspection and testing. Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and Japan on energy-saving technology of industrial boilers. Cooperate with the national Standards Committee to undertake gas cylinder ISO/TC58 Annual meeting.

21. Organize and hold relevant working meetings. A national conference on safety supervision of special equipment was held in late February. The Special Equipment Safety Technical Committee will be replaced in late March. In July, the national special equipment safety supervision and energy conservation supervision work site conference.

22. Strengthen the safety supervision team. Assisted the Human Resources Training Center of the General Administration to organize and carry out one training course on safety supervision work for the directors of prefectial-level cities, and carried out two periods of assessment on safety supervisors of Class A special equipment. We will continue to fight corruption and uphold integrity, strengthen conduct, effectively perform our duties, and further improve our regulatory capacity and law enforcement.

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