The Ministry of Finance has clarified the rules for the use of special funds for the wind power equipment industry

Release time:2023-04-26

In order to accelerate the technological progress of wind power equipment manufacturing industry and promote the development of wind power, the Ministry of Finance issued the Interim Measures on the Management of Special Funds for the Industrialization of Wind Power Equipment on August 19. The Measures specify the subsidy standard and scope of the special fund for the industrialization of wind power equipment arranged by the central finance, as well as the object, way and conditions of the support of the industrialization fund.

According to the Measures, the central government will provide subsidies of 600 yuan per kilowatt for the first 50 wind power units of wind power equipment manufacturers that meet the supporting conditions. The total machine manufacturers and key component manufacturers will each account for 50%. The subsidy amount for key component manufacturers will be determined in principle according to the proportion of cost, with the focus tilted towards converters and bearing enterprises. Funds for industrialization must be earmarked for expenditures related to the research and development of new products of wind power equipment.

It is clear in the Measures that the financial support objects of industrialization are Chinese-funded enterprises or Chinese-controlled enterprises engaged in the production and manufacturing of wind power generation equipment (including the whole machine and components such as blades, gearboxes, generators, converters and bearings) in China. The fund is mainly to subsidize the first 50 MW wind turbines and supporting parts newly developed and industrialized by the enterprise. The subsidy amount is determined according to the installed capacity and specified standards.

According to the Measures, wind power equipment manufacturers applying for industrialization funds must meet six conditions: first, the equipment has independent intellectual property rights and brands, including independent research and development, joint development or re-innovation of imported technology, must have complete technical documents; Second, the single capacity of wind turbine is more than 1500 kW (including); Third, the wind turbine has passed the product certification of Beijing Jianheng Certification Center; (4) Blades, gearboxes and generators supporting wind turbines shall be manufactured by Chinese-funded enterprises or by Chinese-controlled enterprises, and converters and bearings made by Chinese-funded enterprises or Chinese-controlled enterprises shall be encouraged; Fifth, the same enterprise applies for supporting different models of products using the same technology, and the power difference of the products is above 500 kW (including); Sixth, the wind turbine has completed production, installation and commissioning in China, operated for more than 240 hours without failure, and passed the owner's acceptance.

According to the Measures, enterprises must fill out industrialization fund application reports and related materials in strict accordance with the requirements. For enterprises that cheat, the Ministry of Finance will withhold subsidy funds and investigate the responsibility of relevant units and personnel.

keyword: The Ministry of Finance has clarified the rules for the use of special funds for the wind power equipment industry