Industry explosion growth, wind power equipment industry competition pattern change

Release time:2023-04-26

The forecast of wind power installation is affected by many factors, such as policy, electricity price, technical progress of complete machine manufacturers, supporting capacity of component manufacturers and so on, which has great uncertainty. As a result, the National Development and Reform Commission's forecast of 5 gigawatts of wind power installed in 2010 will be far exceeded. In 2007, the newly installed wind power reached 2.4 million kW, and the cumulative installed power reached 5 million kw by the end of 2007. In addition, many domestic fan machine manufacturers have a huge production and expansion plan since 2007. It is predicted that the newly installed wind power capacity will reach 2.4 million kW, 4 million kW, 5.5 million kW and 7 million kW respectively from 2007 to 2010, and the cumulative installed wind power capacity will reach 21.5 million kW by 2010.

Domestic megawatt fan manufacturers become the biggest winners

Because fan manufacturing is an emerging industry in our country, foreign manufacturer's market share is higher before. In 2006, foreign manufacturers accounted for 59% of the wind power market share, while domestic manufacturers accounted for 41%.

With domestic manufacturers gradually mastering the core technology of fan manufacturing, the market share will increase rapidly year by year, and the market share of domestic manufacturers is expected to reach 95% in 2010.

Experts also pointed out that the proportion of megawatt units in China will increase in the coming years, but there is still a market for 750-kilowatt units. Although the economy of the megawatt unit is less than that of the kilowatt unit in the early stage of development, the cost will come down as the technology matures and the output increases. In the European market, the market share of megawatt units is more than 90%, which represents the market development trend. In 2006, 70% of the new fan market was below the MW level. As the new machine manufacturers gradually develop more than megawatt units, the annual increase proportion of megawatt fans will increase rapidly.

Some key parts in short supply

With the increase of the domestic wind power market demand, the key component supporting production enterprises have developed to a certain extent, and the wind power industry manufacturing and supporting components professional industrial chain is gradually taking shape. The main characteristics are: generator manufacturing enterprises can meet the needs of the development of the domestic wind power industry; Gearbox manufacturing enterprises can basically meet the needs of the development of domestic wind power industry, but due to the high quality requirements of gearbox bearings, the current domestic can not provide qualified products, gearbox production capacity is greatly affected by foreign bearing supply; At present, the control system mainly adopts the equipment produced by Danmai MITA and Windtec of Austria, but the domestic enterprises such as Konoweiye, Beijing Jingxin and Time Group are developing and producing it. Leaf manufacturing enterprises can meet the needs of the development of domestic wind power industry; Variable propeller and yaw bearings have domestic Luoshaft, tile shaft and Xuzhou Luote ade company can provide, but has not been tested for a long time.

Market competition pattern will change

By the end of July 2007, there were 40 domestic wind turbine manufacturers, including 17 state-owned and state-owned holding companies, 12 private manufacturing enterprises, 7 joint ventures and 4 wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Among them; More than 30 domestic and joint venture companies, most of them began to set foot in fan machine manufacturing after 2005.

In 2008, the competitive landscape of the entire market will change dramatically as several vendors enter the small and high volume production phases respectively. At present, the first echelon manufacturers that have achieved mass production capacity include Goldwind Technology, Dongfang Turbine, Sinovel Wind Power, Zhejiang Yunda, etc., and the market pays much attention to the manufacturers that are in the second echelon and have trial-produced prototypes or have small batch production capacity.

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