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Wind power equipment: stay half sober and half drunk

Core point:Before 2020, global wind turbine demand will grow at a compound growth rate of 20% According to historical data, the compound annual growth rate of global wind power installed capacity from 1996 to 2007 reached 25%; the increasingly serious environmental problems, the maintenance of high oil prices and the increasing maturity of wind power technology all support the strong demand for wind power installed capacity in the future; the global abundant wind power Resources make wind power growth without resource bottlenecks.
23 2009/03

The industry has exploded and the competitive landscape of the wind power equipment industry has changed

The forecast of wind power installed capacity is affected by many factors such as policies, electricity prices, the technological progress of the complete machine manufacturer, and the supporting capabilities of the component manufacturers
23 2009/03

The Ministry of Finance clarifies the rules for the use of special funds for the wind power equipment industry

In order to accelerate the technological progress of my country's wind power equipment manufacturing industry and promote the development of wind power, the Ministry of Finance issued the "Interim Measures for the Management of Special Funds for the Industrialization of Wind Power Equipment" on August 19. The "Measures" clarified the subsidy standards and the scope of use of special funds for the industrialization of wind power equipment arranged by the central government, and also clarified the support objects, methods and conditions of industrialization funds.
23 2009/03

Three favorable policies for machinery industry in 2009

In 2009, the development of the industry faced the pressure of slowing domestic and foreign demand. Next year, there will be three major benefits to promote the development of the industry, including the macroeconomic policy of "guaranteeing growth", the decline in factor prices, and increased policy support.
23 2009/03

State Administration of Quality Supervision: Notice on relevant opinions on the renovation of metallurgical cranes

Quality and Technical Supervision Bureaus of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government:
17 2010/03

4 trillion investment pulls the lifting industry to look forward to Nirvana

The sudden financial crisis brought heavy losses to the machinery manufacturing industry. In the national 4 trillion investment and economic revitalization plan for ten major industries, most of the funds went to state-owned enterprises.
18 2010/03
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